Just a standard cased old type? or mix matched razor and case

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by elmerwood, Jun 9, 2012.

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  2. No serial # or patent dates on any pieces.
  3. Your blade bank looks exactly the same as my 20s old type Pocket Edition.
    My case, as in Achim's below has the basket weave, not striped.
  4. Yeah I was just wondering if there were different types of cases for the pocket editions. I have two pocket cases, but they are both ornate and one says pocket edition with all the different countries patent info.
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    nice set. I don´t know the name of this case/set. The Pocket Edition No500-B has a gold plated plaine case. Maybe this engraved case is a late version. I´ve the same set. My razor has a serial number M 677 542 - that´s 1920. Typical for these late Pocket sets are the blade holder and the backside of the case. Your set looks great!

    $2012-06-10 08-55-50_0002.jpg

    $2012-06-10 08-56-43_0009.jpg

    $2012-06-10 08-57-03_0013.jpg
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  6. Nice looking set!

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