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  1. Hello, just a quick question on my shaving technique, i watched the mantic vids on youtube he can just shave straight down to his neck, i have a strong jawline and can't do this so i shave along the jaw is this ok to do or is there a better way to go about it.

    RAZOR- Cheap plastic wilkinson sword and blades
    BRUSH- men-u
    SOAP - Boots own brand

    What i want
    RAZOR- Edwin Jagger chatsworth
    BRUSH- Rooney silvertip
    SOAP- GFT cocconut
  2. I have the same problem, I usually shave up from under my jaw and down from the top with various strokes directly along the jawbone (that can be tricky) it usually gets the job done. If it's a huge problem you can try "pulling" the skin to get it to a flat part of your face, I hear some people use this technique.
  3. I pull the skin up over the jaw line and shave it for one pass
    Then I shave along the jaw line for another pass
    And pull up again for the final ATG pass
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    as the other gents have said, pull your skin around untilyou get it flat
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    The only time getting the best angle really matters is when you need to go ATG to get real close. Otherwise, a slightly different angle will still do the job. But if that direction goes across the jaw, well, you may want to practise or settle for less. Try going across diagonally at first.
  6. Excellent advice given here. Just experiment and find what works best for you. :wink: :tongue:
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    Rather than pull the skin over my jaw line, I make an "O" shape with my mouth, creating the same effect. Place your fingers on your jaw line and make the "O." You will feel you skin move up over your jawline. Works for me.
  8. Thanks for all the advice i'll try it out next time i shave.
  9. Welcome to B&B mate -
    I have the same 'problem'. Rather than stretch my skin, I tuck my chin into my neck (like making a double chin) and then run the razor down from just below my ear lobe to the tip of my chin. Works really well on a sharper jaw. You can work the other way for on the next pass if you want.

    If Santa brings you your EJ you'll be pleased! Its a very fine looking razor!
    Dont forget a blade sampler pack mate!

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