James Barlow & Sons Echo razor

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  1. This just came in the mail today, I got it off ebay for $8. It has some minor surface rust on the back of the blade, but overall it's in great shape. The scales where originally tortoise shell dyed horn and the silver inlay is in horrible condition. I don't know if the inlay can be cleaned up but its really corroded. It's c.1828-1856, my guess is that I would be closer to 1826 because it has a stubbier tail that others I have seen. I like the razors from the major knife makers and I just assumed this was Barlow knife company, but I couldn't find any info confirming it. Oh well if it's not, it's still a nice razor for the price.
  2. I just won a similar if not exact description of the razor you speak of, was it yours I wonder?


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  3. Wid


    No pics Matt.
  4. No I sold that razor a few months ago and it was a hollow ground not a big wedge. That's a nice pick up I was watching it also.

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