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  1. Hi,

    So I've been wanting to start a daily grooming ritual for my face that also includes cleanser and moisturizer application. Previously I'd never used any product, just water washes when its dirty/greasy and any old whatever brand body lotion for face moisturizer. However, I decided that needed to change..at least for experimental purposes.

    So I bought some Jack Black Daily Facial Cleanser with pure sage and aloe:


    And some Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 with Blue Algae Extract and Sea Parsley:


    Anyone have any experience with these? I just used it for the first time and it was very nice...though I have no experience in this area as stated above! :001_smile

    Anyone have any thoughts on these products or others? I am just looking for a face cleanser and then a face moisturizer with SPF something in it.


  2. I'm looking for a face cleanser and moisturizer with SPF, and I'm considering the Jack Black products. What's your opinion of them? I'd also be interested in hearing thoughts and experiences.
  3. I think the cleanser was nice. I have combination skin, more oily in the summer and more dry/flaky in the winter. Its been warm here lately so I felt the need for more of a cleanser than just water rinsing. I thought the Jack Black cleanser was nice. Simple, clean, refreshing. Nice scent. Just clean and fresh. The face moisturize with SPF was nice too....again decent scent, felt light, non-greasy, absorbed quickly. I like that it has SPF as SWMBO is always telling me about how I need sunscreen on my face to prevent damage. All in all, I think they are nice products, but like I said, I don't exactly have tons of experience with these types of products. :001_tt2:

  4. If you can get a hold of some, Humphreys makes a great moisturizer that contains witch hazel and jasmine and is 18 spf too. Good quality and lower price than comparable products. They have cleansers too. Here is a link to their site.


    Musgo's Real Glyce Soap is a good cleanser and super cheap too!
  5. The JB double duty is nice as a moisturizer, but it is useless as a sunscreen because it does not contain a stabilized version of avobenzone. In many of these sunscreen/moisturizer combo products, sunlight can actually cause the breakdown of some chemical sunscreen compounds. So unless you re-apply the product every 2 hours, it won't do its job.
  6. I use both products daily and am very happy with the performance. The pure clean rinses clean and leaves my face very balanced. Most cleansers I have used strip too much from face causing my face to over produce oil to compensate. The DD moisturizer goes on light and once again leaves my face feeling balanced. Although different products work for different skin types better than others, these too product work with my skin perfectly.

    The only other facial cleanser that I use that works as well is the Anthony Logistics Blue Algea face wash.

    The DD moisturizer is not meant to act as the primary sunscreen. If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside then you should always apply additional sunscreen. I do not know of any moisturizers with spf that are meant to be used as primary form of sunscreen. I for one do not want to wear a heavy sunscreen unless needed. What the DD does add is some sun protection along with a moisturizer that really works at keeping my skin balanced.
  7. Yeah, I understand...I'm not trying to put on the moisturizer and go to the beach and sit in the sun all day thinking I'm protected because of the SPF. I'm simply thinking that for a basic lotion, the element of sunblock (SPF) is nice to have as an added bonus. Meaning that it should work well for just running errands around town, going to lunch, etc.

    That right? Or is it just worthless against sun exposure in any form? (as the poster above mentioned).

    Clarification is needed!


  8. Correct. It just won't protect you if you spend a few hours at the beach, on the golf course, etc.

    Personally, I DID like the JB Double Duty as a moisturizer. I actually liked the scent of it, and the consistency was nice and light. I used it in my later teens when my skin was oilier, and the JB did not complicate it. It absorbed quickly and I did not suffer any breakouts from it.
  9. It contains Parsol 1789 which is avobenzone. This is a proven to provide protection from UVA and UVB. It does provide sun protection thus the spf rating of 20. If you need more information you should contact Jack Black.

  10. What is the scent? I have the lotion (can't recall exactly what it's called), but don't really like the scent all that much. Do you know if they are similar scents?
  11. To my nose, the Double Duty scent is light and herbaceous (not sure how much that helps). It is not similar to the the body lotion (which I disliked); there was something too strong and synthetic-smelling in it.
  12. The Jack Black DD Moisturizer is the one consistent thing in my daily routine. It absorbs quickly and even though it has a SPF, it doesn't have the smell of sunscreen.

    I don't work outdoors, so I just want a moisturizer with some SPF benefits. If I'm going to be outside for any extended period of time, I use sunscreen with higher SPF.

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