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  1. I was the recipient of a fellow members generosity and received a couple very nice GEMs in the mail today. As far as I know one is a 1912 and the other a Micromatic. I had to try this "SE" that is bragged about so I drove down to Walgreens and picked up a pack of SE blades. I decided to load up the Micromatic as it looked a little less intimidating! Loaded my Ever-Ready with MWF and commenced. First thing I noticed was the sound. Second thing I noticed was that it was every bit as if not more smooth than any DE shave I have had thus far. No learning curve whatsoever as the feel and sound will get you in the slot immediately. No nicks, weepers or irritation.

    I'm not ready to throw my Fatboy, SS & DE89 in the FS section yet but I can tell I am going to like the SE shave.

    How many quality shaves can I expect out of one of these super stainless blades?

    Thanks Marine Dad for the opportunity ;^)
  2. I have gotten 6 from my first blade so far. All is still good. I have only touched my DE's once since getting my ER1912- it is an excellent shave.
  3. Good stuff.. The GEMs are solid razors.. :thumbup1:
  4. Muahahahaha :devil: gotcha now
  5. i swear i could get 10 shaves outta my gem ss blades in my ocmm.......:001_cool:
  6. Your experience is exactly why I try to suggest a SE when a noob asks what to buy for a razor. For some reason the majority autothink "DE".

    Let's see:

    Great shave
    Virtually no learning curve

    What's not to like about that?
  7. You don't have to give up your DE's, but you may find yourself reaching for the SE's more often. I love my 1912 and can't wait to try some other SE's. I use the Walgreen SS GEM blades, and while I have squeezed out 6 shaves from a single blade, 4 seems to be my sweet spot.
  8. I'm hoping to squeeze out at least 6 shaves as I can get 5 out of a Personna Red and they are only $2 for a pack vice $6 for the SE blades.
  9. With a little care, you can hit 6 easily. Just had shave 7 with a GEM PTFE in a Feather Weight this morning. These are identical to the Walgreen's blades according to many here.

    • Remove and pat the blade dry after use to reduce the opportunity for corrosion
    • Try Hand Stropping the blade before putting it back in.

    I don't overly fuss with it, and after a couple times it becomes just part of the routine - but I think these 2 steps help keep the edge clean and the shave comfortable.

    The 1912 is surprisingly easy to use despite it's looks.
  10. Right on the money.
    Being still pretty new to this type of shave, I can honestly say that SE razors are much easier to use; which also makes for a faster shave.

    I've used the Jr and FW so far, still need to try the OCMM, G-Bar, Contour and a 1924? Ever Ready (tiny thing). My hair doesn't grow fast enough to keep up with my AD. LOL
  11. You might be considered cursed in this arena, but I could shave 2 times a day and am not sure if I consider that lucky!

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