IT"S HERE!!!! B&B BL 2012 LE Pipe**Closed***

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by jwhite, Feb 7, 2012.

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    The Buy is closed! Now the waiting begins...
    Welcome and Gather 'Round
    for Badger and Blade's First Ever Brown Leaf LE Pipe


    Introducing the B&B BL LE 2012

    This custom carved pipe is a true one of a kind designed and carved by renowned and well established pipe maker Mark Tinsky. This new design, a variation on the classic bulldog, is not for sale in his catalog or through any distributor. It is a unique piece carved specifically for the fine members of the Badger and Blade and available only here in B&B's fine tobacco corner, The Brown Leaf. The Pipe is 5 7/8" long, has a chamber just over 3/4" wide and 1 1/4" deep. It is available exclusively in an attractive medium dark blast finish with a hand cut Lucite stem that contains a briar wood stem adornment. The blast is dark but does allow for some color variation, the blast work is also unique in that above the bulldogs traditional double lines it is a light blast while below those lines it is a deeper craggy blast. This subtle contrast shows nicely and feels very nice in the hand. The stamping will read - B&B BL LE 2012 and will be numbered in series. Mr. Tinsky has graciously agreed to make as many pipes as we have orders for between 2/7/2012 and 2/27/2012. Cost to our members is $186.00 shipping included. To order please send a PM to Jim with your interest in purchasing the LE pipe- you will get a reply with instructions on placing your order. The Group buy cannot move ahead until we have your payment so please be prompt in your payment. These are hand carved pipes so please allow 4-6 weeks after all orders are in before the pipes are shipped. When you commit to buy you are in and payment will be expected.
    Now Feast Your Eyes Boys!





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  2. In Baby, I'M IN!

    Edit: James I wasn't calling you "Baby" I'm just excited.
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    Edit: Damn Derrick, you're fast.

    Edited Edit: PM sent. I am officially giddy.
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  4. In too! (and glad it wasn't a catheter!!!)
  5. Argonaut

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    I'm in. Wow, a Tinsky!
  6. I'm in too!!! Damn...all yous guys are fast! Oh yeah, you see the sun before I do.
  7. I'm new to pipe smoking. And I'm not trying to cast a dark shadow on a very nice looking pipe, so don't take this wrong..........
    It's only knowledge I'm seeking. I'm not implying anything negative, or seeking to start anything about a subject I confess I have little or no knowledge about. And I'm well aware how sensitive some people are in the brown leaf thread about their pipes.

    So with all that said, and without getting a reply that is more information than I can use: "what makes a $186 pipe smoke better or worth more than a $60 pipe"? Please remember it is only information I'm seeking. Don't take offense to my question, because none was meant..............................JR
  8. Argonaut

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    Mostly the drilling, but in this case, Tinsky's name stamped on a pipe usually puts it over $200. He is a very highly regarded pipemaker, his estates usually sell for more than the asking price. Smokeability is in the eye of the beholder though, no one can say it will smoke tobacco any better than any other pipe, that's all opinion. My opinion is it will smoke like a dream, because that is what Marks pipes are famous for.

  9. This is actually an excellent question, and you shouldn't be worried about asking it. Pipes are handmade functional pieces, and are priced according to the materials and the craftsmen ship that goes into creating one. Less expensive pipes are priced accordingly because they may be mass produced shapes from a factory, have pits that require filling, drilling that may not be perfect, or any number of other factors.

    This pipe is an artisan piece created by someones own hands, pipes of this order have a greater likelihood of being excellent smokers, due to the attention to detail that goes into making something like this.

    You could probably compare this pipe to an Amish made piece of furniture, and the $60 pipe to one you bought at the big furniture store, Both of them are functional and will serve their purpose, one of them has that extra attention to detail.
  10. jwhite

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    No offense taken at all and it actually provides me with a good excuse to talk about the value I see in this particular pipe. Often its a combination of - reputation of a brand that reliably puts out a good product, the figure and quality of the briar (good looking wood without flaws to fill is rare and the material is expensive), fit and finish, and many factory pipes are manufactured in countries that have very low labor costs.

    I feel this pipe is an exceptional value. First it is made by hand by an experienced craftsman in the USA, the quality of material and the type of finish are on the higher end of the spectrum, fit and finish of the pipes from him that I have seen are as near perfect as I have ever seen. The pipe pictured here has the draft hole dead center and passes a cleaner with no catch or even a rub anywhere. there is no turbulence or whistle when drawing on the stem. And it is lighter than most pipes of its size showing the briar has been properly cured in addition to being of good quality stock. No I didn't smoke it but I did every test I know short of that before I approved it for this buy. Mark Tinsky always represents good value, but he has offered to make this pipe for less than similarly sized and finished pipes he sells and then threw in shipping, special stamping, on top of the already respectable discount. Hand carved pipes by a known maker often sell for considerably more.

    Hope this helps, and I'm more than happy to answer any questions about any of this stuff you may have.
  11. Dang that is nice. A bit rich for my blood, but nice looking pipe!
  12. ouch

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    If I still smoked a pipe, I'd be all over this.
  13. Is this only being offered to frequenters of the BL? I haven't seen it advertised on the Home Page.
  14. jwhite

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    Yep this one is all ours.
  15. So having smoked a pipe at least a couple times a week since summer, I am fairly comfortable with the actual smoking (though always learning), & I'm wading through all the different tobaccos as I have a chance. But I still feel completely clueless when it comes to a quality pipe. All I have to go on is what I like the looks of a pipe(& as with most things I lean towards expensive taste) but I don't recognize any custom pipe-makers. That's why I'm glad to be part of this community. If you Mods & stewards say it's good then it's good.

    At first I was almost disappointed it wasn't some massive plateau or something. But the longer I look at it the more I want it. I't seems to be the perfect combo of custom & timeless with it's classic shape & tons of detail to draw you in. If I am able to scrap the pennies together for this one it will be my most expensive pipe yet. You know if I'm considering sacking my craft-beer budget for a month-or-so that I'm seriously interested...
  16. I'm so glad you asked! and thanks to all of you for your responses because I was thinking the exact same thing. Bottom line is that I can't justify that much on a pipe, my wife would shove it so far up my you-know-where I never get to smoke it. But it IS a remarkably beautiful pipe.
  17. I can justify anything given the chance. :biggrin1: I'm sure many of these guys would gladly help you come up with reasons why you can't live without one of these.

    In all seriousness though, I understand. My wife is an accountant so she likes the budget being just so-so. I don't blame her as I'm sure we've avoided much debt I might have otherwise caused. I have been mentioning this "mystery" item for a few weeks now hoping to soften her up to the idea. Yet I still winced when I told her the final price. How I justify the cost is: Assuming I take care of it, my pipes could be passed on to & used by a great grandson, or (more likely) a great nephew. That's how I got into pipes; I inherited my wife's gran-dad's collection. They were mostly drug-store grade pipes, but they were great to learn with. So if you compare a potential century+ of use by 2-3 people to an $800 flat-screen that will be "crap" after 2-3 yars, $186 seems pretty cheap.
  18. My theory is it's a lot easier to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.
  19. Argonaut

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    Separate bank accounts!:wink2:
  20. Well...huh.

    Money sent.

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