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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by Melvyn, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. A few months ago after a typically average shave with foam and M3P I got busy with Google and low and behold I found a huge community of fellow shavers happy to share their experience.
    Before I new it products were arriving by post and I was up and running. I feel as if I am finally seeing the potential offered by a, considered, DE wet shave and now look forward to this once daily chore.
    My only problem is finding a good time. With three small children, it seems that every time I get my face lathered up a minor crisis occurs which needs my attention. Still they won't always be this reliant on me.
    My biggest suprise was, after deciding on a Vulfix brush, finding that they are only 10 minutes from where I live. So I went round and bought some supplies direct at a massive discount.
    Thanks everyone for your support and I look forward to contributing from time to time.

  2. Welcome to B&B Melvyn!
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    Welcome Melvyn! Glad to have you here.
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    Welcome Melvyn.

    I have a 2 year old and although my situation is not quite the same as yours I can offer you this piece of advice. Shave at night before bed. This will allow you time to shave after the kids have gone to sleep. It works for me, the sahves I can get with a DE definitely allow me to shave at night without worrying about too much growth by morning.
  5. Maybe, wait till later in the evening, have a shower and shave before bed, and make your mornings even easier and simpler. And, really, DE shaves are so smooth that your face will still be clean and shaved all the next day. Just a thought. It's what I do, just so I can get an extra 45 minutes sleep.

    You're lucky to be able to find some supplies locally. But, as you say, the Interweb is a groovy thing, use it. Evreything you need can be sent to your door, um, for a price of course.

    No, thanks to YOU for participating and being part of the community. Check back from time to time and let us know how things are going, and welcome to B&B!


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    Welcome Melvyn:biggrin:
  7. Now Melvyn, when are you going to pass on that massive discount to us? :wink:
  8. Greetings Melvyn,

    I'm from Swindon UK and when I decided to order my Vulfix brush I was amazed to see where it was made. Its a pity I didn't know when my friend was over for the TT in June or I'd have asked him to pick me up some supplies. I've been to the IoM three times and it's a lovely place, you're lucky to live there! :smile:
  9. welcome to B&B. congrats on the shave nad the loot.

  10. Welcome!

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    Welcome. I shave before they wake up to avoid the problems you mention.
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    Welcome to B&B, Melvyn!

    At least when your BAD, sets in, you won't have to go far. :biggrin:

    You will be assimilated.


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