Is it true? MWF Myth?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Sluggo, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Is it true that if I add some water and let the puck sit for a while, the soap will expand to better fill the ceramic bowl? If so, how much water?

    Also, is it normal for little cracks on the surface of the soap?
  2. Yes and yes.

    MWF is a soap that works better slightly damp than dry. I've practiced and practiced with this stuff.

    The night before a MWF shave, I usually wet my fingers and rub it over the puck....then put the lid back on. The next day, it is shave ready!

    Cracks form on some MWF pucks if the puck hasn't been used for some time. Its totally normal.
  3. So how much water are we talking here? It would be great to have this thing sit better in the bowl.
  4. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    if you add too much at once the lanolin will seep out of it.

    try adding like a teaspoon every shave and it should slowly expand

  5. ftfy.

  6. Sweet, so I will just add a few drops each night
  7. Well, I have the MWF in its famous ceramic dish and it glued itself in after the first shave or two without any special attempt on my part. I probably got some water in the dish.

    Before adding a bunch of water I would try the following. Pick the soap out of the dish and wet the bottom just a bit. Put it back in with a gentle but firm push and I bet bet the next day it will be locked in tight.
  8. I would just let it happen naturally as you use the puck. No need to hurry it along; that puck will be with you for a very long time . . . .
  9. You puck-soakers... :glare:

    There is no need to soak any soap. Just apply a brush wetted with hot water and get to work.
  10. Is MWF as good as everyone says? It seems like people talk about it in hushed tones like it's the holy grail. Should I get some?
  11. It's great stuff.
  12. MWF was/is the last "new soap" I tried and one of my favs. I'm maybe on my 6th or 7th puck and mine has always anchored well after a few uses, (ceramic dish). If your wanting a tight fit at a good price, buy a new
    tabac, tap out the puck and the
    MWF fits as if made for it. Thats my backup plan if I ever SMASH the ceramic container however, after 6 or 7 maybe longer years hasn't happened yet:001_smile

    And yes. the puck cracks but dosen't hurt anything
  13. professorchaos

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    It is better! But it takes a little work to get it right. And it doesn't cooperate with hard water too well. Or is that soft water?
  14. Yes, and thanks for speaking softly.
  15. The bowl is awesome. The soap itself is pretty mediocre - think Williams Mug Soap with a different scent and a dash of lanolin and you're not far off the mark.
  16. I disagree. I have found the soap to be gentle and nourishing for my face. Yes, the smell isn't anything great but its the lanolin that's the special ingredient, not the fragrance in the case of MWF.
  17. You are going to get the gamut of opinions here. Some will say this stuff is shaving nirvana and has the potential to help you get to heaven. Others will say its the stairway to hell.

    Rather than tell you which door to take, try it for yourself and read the 1,000+ lathering tips, techniques and opinions on the soap forum...I'm a bit surprised the Mods haven't created a special MWF "shred out" forum or sticky yet!
  18. Well if thats the case I may wait until I can find a slightly used puck
  19. My puck has cracks in it...No problem with the performance at all. I face lather with it and love the way it leaves your skin. :biggrin:
  20. You may want to consider a PM to
    dridiot a member. his pucks are $14 on the bay, maybe cheaper than that here. In any case a very good price. I just bought an extra on the bay for $10 with free shipping:w00t:, (original) the guy sold 25 of them in less than 2 days. There not there now but dridiot still had 5 at $14:001_smile

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