Interesting sughting at a music festival!

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by galopede, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. I went along to the Wychwood music festival at the racecourse here in Cheltenham today and found something interesting.

    A barber's tent giving straight shaves!

    Not every day you see things like that at a music festival. He was busy all day until dark too. Must have done well at £19 a shave!



    Especially like the blood soaked shirts hanging at the back!

  2. Looks like he has a vintage IBM Selectric typewriter to go along with the old time look. Ya gotta love the name...
  3. Too bad this wouldn't fly in the states. That would really be neat at local fairs and events. It would be a great way to rally the interest in old fashioned shaving of straights and DE's, brushes and soaps/creams.
  4. He was doing the full routine too. Hot towels, brush and soap, aftershave of some form. There was certainly a lot of interest going by the number of punters he had through the day.
  5. The typewriter is next door, but it isn't a Selectric. The paper and carriage didn't move on a Selectric, the ball did.

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