I'm addicted to Cella! Help me!

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by timvee, May 4, 2012.

  1. So tonight I carried my tub of Cella around for about half an hour, taking wiffs at it and then made two batches of lather for no reason at all! I wanna go grab the tub as I type these words... I think this is close to addiction level! :drool:
    Am I the only one that needs the regular Cella fix? Please confess here and make me hate myself less! :biggrin1:
  2. That gave me a good laugh. Sometimes if I am bored, I will whip up some lather of either a product I just love, or one I am still trying to work out the kinks with. Addicts R us!
  3. You make me sick! Seriously though, Ive done the same thing with proraso and conks bay rum, but I can't get the hang of cella. It just instantly turns to bubbly froth and never goes anywhere. I'm glad you are enjoying it though.
  4. I *think* i bought a tub of this the other day when i took the plunge and snagged a rooney heritage victorian...I hope it's as good as you describe!
  5. Had the same problem with Cella until I moved it to a larger Pyrex bowl with a lid. It worked for me, makes loading the brush easier.
  6. Good advice. I left it in its tub but one thing I like to do is to hold my brush almost at the base of the bristles when loading, just to make it super stiff; I've been getting some crazy-slick lather that way. Besides, I like that red tub! :wink2:
  7. i found it easier to lather cella if you let a brush full of hot water soak on it while in the shower. then dump that soapy water into a cup and shake your brush out good and load it up. build the lather in the cup using the soapy water. awesome lather in under a minute.
  8. Cella lathers just by looking at it... :blink:
  9. I can think of worse addictions. Cella is a great soap with a wonderful scent. Check out Marco's thread on lathering Cella for those of you that are having problems.


  10. Soon as I started face rather than bowl lathering Cella got promoted to regular rotation.
  11. I think u need to buy the big block of cella!!!! U can carry it around, pet it, take it to work with u, put a leash on it and take it for a drag......lol
  12. Yeah, you guys THINK you're addicted to Cella but how many of you have actually purchased the special limited edition Cella razor? This guy on ebay said that there were only 10 of them ever made and that he was practically giving this one away for just $500. Needless to say I believed him and right away bought it now. Shipping, handling, admin fees and gratuity were only an extra $99.95 + various taxes. I guess I won't find out the grand total until the credit card bill arrives. But whatever, considering the alleged rarity of this razor I think somebody got taken for a ride on this deal.

    $Cella and EJDE81.jpg

  13. I did not understand Cella and struggled with a frothy mess until I got the knack of the little red tub. Slowing down and using light swirls did the trick. Takes a little longer to load but when the soap starts to get a bit gooey and the brush begins to swell with product I know it's time to move to the face for the lather explosion.
    I would agree that a larger container would make loading much easier.
  14. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Cella was my grandfather's only soap for +50 years of wet shaving. And it's one of the finest ever, IMHO.
  15. I've never done that with Cella, probably because I've done that too many times with strong nut flavoured liqueurs.
  16. I like it so much I'm using it as a shower soap.:wacko:
  17. Your accounts are so thoughtful and concise, Marco. I think I speak for many on this forum that we take great joy in sharing in some of the great traditions such as this.
  18. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Thank you, my friend. Wet shaving is first of all tradition, passion, love. And it's a way of life that you proudly bring with you. Forever.
  19. I've used many soaps now, and I have yet to find one that I like better than Cella. Several other soaps I believe are equal to Cella, but none I've used clearly surpass it in performance.
  20. That looks like a EJ 89 with a red handle... :a47: 500$?????

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