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    So a few days ago i went to walmart and just for kicks picked up some cheap old school a/s the stuff i usually ignore but since joining here have heard nothing but great stuff about i grabbed some aqua velvet ice blue sport, and the original sport, which i guess is unique to us canadians ya'ay us,... i also grabbed me some skin bracer some brut and a bottle of old spice, in total i believe i payed 30 bucks for the whole lot (although there was a puck of williams and wilkonson sword soaps as well which i didnt like on any level lol)... ive always stayed away from the alcohol products because they are supposed to be bad for you and the scents just seemed so dated but i thoguht it would be fun for a kick

    Although i dont think i would wear this stuff out for a date night I have come to love the stuff in my own little charles bronson home alone mandum moment (although im not quite the man he is to dump it on like he does) and this stuff works great the original sport has grown on me and become one of my top five aftershave products Its to bad these companies don't update there lines to add some modern scents into the fold to bring in the younger gents out there because those same younger gents are really missing out

    Anyone out there who passes this stuff every time they are out should maybe shell out the 4 bucks and give one a try you may just be surprised by them yet !!!
  2. AV, brute, old spice, Mennen, are all staples for me, right along with Barbasol.... get some Barbasol if you want a REAL old school scent.
  3. syngent

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    Ill have to see if i can find it not sure i seen that one,.. i think i have seen some shaving foam by them at another store here but ill have to have a look,... i was disappointed not to find english leather or clubman products but i had so much to keep me busy it didnt bother me to much funny thing was i thought i would try them all once and through the rest of the bottles into a PIF but i kind of like them lmao but i may have to package at least on bottle into an upcoming PIF that i wanna through out for 100 post on here

    but to keep intrest here are there any other cheap a/s or other old school products that have fallen to dusty shelves i should look out for ?

    i also consider my aqua velva my little guilty pleasure maybe everyone has one they want to share
  4. There is a reason those AS have been around for so long. They are all classic scents and ones that most men can relate to.

    Here is what the Barbasol looks like


  5. syngent

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    wow that bottle and liquid colour looks a lot like the mennen skin bracer are they the same company ? or just have bottles made by same place maybe
  6. Hey Syngent, you can find English Leather at Shopper's Drug Mart, though it's not as cheap as OS or AV. Also the Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply carries a bunch of the Pinaud stuff if you are ever near one of those.
  7. syngent

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    ill have to look into them next time im heading into the city maybe i should just plan a shave day in lol i wanted to swing by T&H one day as well I know all a fella needs is on brush, and one cream/soap, and one aftershave but its nice to have a den to choose from. Todays favorite shave is not always tomorrows
  8. Here in the Chicago area I've found that Walmart carries not only English Leather but British Sterling as well,drove me a bit batty looking for the EL as I did an online stock search and knew for a fact they had plenty in stock but nothing in the shave area, it turned out they put it in the fragrance aisle.
  9. syngent

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    walmarts gd as that one night at a wedding i lost a cufflink and was across the street from a wallyworld of the 3 girls working in the jewelery section none of them even knew what a cuffllink was i had to show them we eventually found a set in the earing turn display there was a collective "ohhhhhhh" moment between them lmao i was 27 at the time and never felt so old on my life, it passed quickly though so is EL a must try to add to the collection ? or something that i could probably skip over ?
  10. cryhavoc

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    EL is a must try!
  11. The Barbasol Brisk is made by ViJohn. ViJohn makes almost all of the clones of the popular classic aftershaves, including those that are branded under the stores in house name. ViJohn also makes Skin Bracer for Colgate.

    In my experience, the ViJohn Brisk is extremely close to the smell of actual Skin Bracer; and it should be: if you have the super secret recipe to the original, making a clone would be a piece of cake!!

    As for these companies making a more modern scented Aftershave, they have tried, and have been somewhat unsuccessful.

    Brut made Brut Revolution, which is said to smell like Aqua Di Gio; it's been discontinued.

    Skin Bracer made Skin Bracer Cooling Blue (also a modern/sporty/ aquatic scent), it too has been discontinued.

    Aqua Velva makes Aqua Velva Ice Sport which smells quite a bit like Davidoff Cool Water.

    Brut makes a product called Brut Attitude that is in a blue glass bottle. It's a modern smelling concoction too. I have only seen it for sale at Walmart.

    I wonder if the younger crowd is too into their horrific smelling Axe, and Old Spice body sprays to really notice Aftershaves at all.
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    I regularly use, Old Spice, AV Ice Sport, Brut, Skin Bracer, and Barbasol. I also have several Vijon versions of the classics that I use.
  13. Den


    Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence and the women will love it! ..unless they're still in high school, then just give them a fancy name and tell them you payed over $100 for it. They'll love it after you say that.
  14. +1 on the Barbasol. I use that almost as much as Clubman
  15. Barbasol has really surprised me. The Pacific Blue is also worth picking up. It's like a toned down aqua velva.
  16. With about 10 times more MENTHOL!! Woot!! :adoration::adoration:
  17. syngent

    syngent Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    now that sounds like something to pick up hope i can find it not sure i have seen it here in southern ontario but i never really looked that hard
  18. I'm going to get some barbasol next time I see it!
  19. In the US, it is generally only available at Dollar General.
  20. syngent

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    never thought about looking in the dollar stores cant find it anywhere else ill hve to have a look there myself

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