I hung tough

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  1. I have to be spit ans polished every work day. I used to rejoice when I had a day off, I would not shave on that day.
    So off today, I wanted to shave, but hung tough.
    I'll have more whiskers to shave tomorrow:001_smile
    Do you gents shave every day?
  2. I probably skip a day once every two weeks.
  3. I don't shave on my days off unless I'm going out....... but I must shave on my workdays.......:biggrin:
  4. I shave every day with the exception of one day on the weekend.
  5. I know I'm not going anywhere today, other than out to the mailbox or maybe taking the dog for a walk in the park across the street, yet I'm thinking about shaving today. Contemplating which brush, soap/cream, razor, blade, ASB to use.

    Why pass up an opportunity to shave?

    When you're hooked, you're hooked.

    The last day I didn't shave was February 13 and that was only so that I would have an exceptional shave for Valentine's Day.
  6. I shave every day except for Saturady now.

  7. I am proud to say that I can (and do) now shave every single day.

    Before switching to wetshaving, in my cartridge razor & canned goo days, I only shaved on M, W, & F. I dreaded shaving on W & F. I needed Tues, Thrs, Sat, & Sun for my face to recover.

    Now that I have, seemingly, mastered the art of wetshaving, I shave every single day. I love shaving, now. I get excited about it, and it gets me up early in the morning, even on Sat & Sun.

    Have no fear...If you *want* to be able to shave daily, you will be able to. It just takes time to perfect your technique.
  8. I shave every day but I do try and take a day off on the weekends just to be a little lazy....

    I usually end up shaving later in the day...:biggrin:
  9. I use a straight and my beard isn't very thick. My shaves last very long. I shave at night and can go two days without a shadow. Every other day for me... :frown:
  10. Theres no point in me shaving every day, it has to be every other day to be worthwhile. My beard hairs are hard and thick, but a bit slow to grow.

    Right now I'm in the learning curve and wish I could shave two times a day, I went as far as shave my chest to practice technique ^_^
  11. I'm with Shave up there. I have some pretty hardy whiskers, but I can go a couple of days without visual evidence.

    I am, however, a little obsessed with the feel of a smooth face. I have only shaved a couple of times since switching to wet shaving and have some learning to do. For now, I shave about twice a week... :rolleyes:

    If I can get good enough with my straight to avoid irritation I would shave every other day or more just because I like it.
  12. I shave every day
  13. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    I shave everyday, except for the days I shave twice.:tongue_sm
  14. Perhaps not every *day* (especially if I'm in a bit of a rush in the morning) but generally at least every 36 hours.
  15. I usually go on a cycle of shaving everyday for a few wks to shaving every other day...
  16. pal


    Hello, I shave everyday including Sundays.
  17. Hi,

    Yes I shave every day and on the weekends when there is more time I tend to have longer closer shaves and try out different combinations of creams, soaps, razors, blades, AF, AB and brushes.

    Hmmm only one sleep till the weekend yay!


  18. I am required to be clean every day for work, so I may go 2 days without on my days off. The LOTH likes hair. I would shave every day, especialy my head. I am going on 3 days right now, going back to work tonight, so I am going to have a GREAT shave. For this clearcutting I think I'm going to bring out the Micromatic.
  19. I often don't shave on Fridays, which are casual days at work, with alternating Fridays usually being a jeans day. Normally I shave on Saturdays because I can and because I have the time for a luxurious shave. Sundays are 50-50 whether or not I shave ... just depends on how lazy I feel.

    However ... this Saturday I am getting a haircut at my local Shear Ego school barber shop (my hair is easy to cut), and they have the FULL DEAL shave (hot towel, hot lather, straight) for $4 ... yes, you read correctly, FOUR. :biggrin:
  20. I shave Mon/Wed/Fri and try to take the weekends off

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