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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by rudy812, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hi members

    A good friend of mine is allergic to just about everything. Amazing he not allergic to the B&B Kent silvertip. Can every member, to the best of there knowledge, please give me a list for any and all hypoallergenic shaving soaps or shaving creams that is out there or has exsisted.

    Thanks and best regards
  2. Why, at first glance, did I think the title of this thread was "Hallucinogenic Shaving Soaps?" :eek:

    ...nevermind. Don't answer that. :001_rolle
  3. Well your friend could look into Kell's Original. It's fairly gentle stuff and I believe Dan originally started making it because a friend of his was getting major irritation from shaving. Hemakes three different blends including his original hemp formula, hemp and aloe, and an extra aloe version. All three types come in an unscented version plus a couple scented ones, not heavily scents mind you but pleasant smelling nevertheless.
  4. Alba/Trader Joe's have one, it's brushless also I think Kiss My Face makes 1 2.
  5. The natural products from Germany could/should be hypoallergenic, Logonna Mann, Lavera, Weleda and Borlind. Maybe even Speick.
  6. It a good start thanks

  7. One thing your friend might want to do is read the ingredient labels, because if he is allergic to so many things, there could still be an ingredient in a soap labeled as hypoallergenic that he could still have problems with.

    It might help to also look at the ingredient label on products he can use. Such as the bath soaps or hand soaps he can use. That will help with finding a product he can use.
  8. Krissy makes a good point. It could be difficult to find something that works if your friend doesn't know what he's allergic to. If you can pin-point what he is allergic to it should make it easier for him to find something that works, as well as make it easier for him to explore different creams and soaps.
  9. I use a VDH hypoallergenic soap that came with my brush/soap/bowl set, and it takes a bit of working (in my very, very brief experience of 2 days) to get a thick lather, but I have come to enjoy it very much, and it has a pleasing (albeit faint) scent to it. It's also less than $2 at Wal-Mart so the price works out well
  10. Hi Krissy

    A very big and good point. My buddy know exactly what he is allergic too. I will get him to write me a list when he get back from his short bussiness trip/holiday.

    Best regards
  11. Come on members there has to be more?
  12. mdunn

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    i think mamabear makes a completely unscented soap
  13. I believe AoS's unscented soap is hypoallergenic.
  14. Although they are not specifically hypoallergenic, I'd still recommend the following soaps/creams: -

    Trumpers Rose Soap/Cream
    Trumpers Violet Soap
    D.R. Harris Almond Soap/Cream
    Any Almond cream from the 3T's
  15. Look Rudy, it's rather difficult to give you and your friend any sort of good recommendation until you tell us what he is allergic to because I have read a number of these sensitivity and allergy threads and the only constant in any of them is that the person writing them thinks he is has the most sensitive skin in the world. The truth of the matter is that they don't, and more importantly, it turns out that they're allergic or sensitive to different things then other people. So try to help us out some and give us something to go off of here over than my good friend is allergic to almost everything. :001_smile

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