How to polish clear Lucite back to clear?

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by saleenfan, May 29, 2013.

  1. As the title says how does one polish clear plastic handles back to shiny and clear?
    I had considered lapping film but dont know anyone have any good advice?
  2. I have used Mother's Plastic polish to get my SolidSet handle back to clear. I picked it up at Pep Boys.
  3. Yeah, I approach all my plastic the way I would the windows on a convertible top or light-lenses. If it isn't too bad, some rubbing compound and some PlastX might do the trick. If the buildup or scratches are significant, sanding can work wonders.
  4. so is it as easy and Im just being overly cautious or will I be in over my head for a second restore?
  5. Sometimes polish is all you need. If it is pretty scratched up, the micro-mesh kit or headlight kit works wonders.
  6. Go with as fine a wet sand paper as is necessary. As stated already, if you don't have any scratches, polish will do it.
  7. Check out delvies. there is a straight forward description of how to proceed. Lerock on a hard wheel followed by blue on a cotton wheel has never let me down on acrylic, you can easily get away with doing this in a drill.

    Your other option is hydrogen flame polish, keeps the edges sharper after lapping vs buffing them down. Not usually an option for most people though unless you have hydrogen of course:biggrin1:
  8. I have access to an oxy acetylene torch would that work?

    and thanks for the input guys im gonna take the plunge.
  9. You won't be in over your head.

    Woah. Now we're cooking with fire! I'm sure the quality of the finish is superb, but I doubt you need to take it that far.

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