How long till Razor Bumps go away?

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  1. Because of the wonders of wetshaving I have seen a huge decrease in the amount of razor bumps on my face. In fact when I run my fingers over my neck it feels the smoothest it has since I started shaving.
    What I am wondering is how long does the discoloration and appearance of razor bumps last? I am guessing since I have had them for 15 years, it will take a while for my neck to look smooth.
    Wondering if anyone has gone through this with a heavy amount of razor bumps/ingrown hair and how long before it cleared up?
  2. It's taken awhile for me as well so I'll be curious to see the answers. I have been using crushed aspirin paste as suggested by mantic (just a crushed aspirin tablet with a a few drops of water placed on the bumps for 5 minutes) and that has really started to make some headway.
  3. If I get any from DE shaving they are usually gone in 1 day, 2 max. As for your problem I'm not sure, never had anything like that.
  4. For me Alum block is done a lot for my razor burn problem.
    What i do now after my shave :
    -Rinse whit hot water
    -Cold water rinse
    -Alum Block
    -Cold water rinse
    -After shave

    That routine helped me to get rid of razor burn.
    Also the blade makes a big difference, you need to find the one that suits you.
  5. Razor Bumps can take a varied amount of time to heal as you know. The key I think is that you must shave the right way so that the hair is cut proper and will allow the inflamed area to heal. I have slowly seen my issue which I still slightly have diminish as my technique has improved. Give you bumps a time to heal I mean scab or puss filled bump. Exfoliate to free the hair some. Then do an amazing job of prep. Shower, towels, let shaving cream/soap sit with hot towel on top, relather then take short confident stroke - to free the hair - and a proper aftershave regiment. As you technique improves so will your condition.
  6. Pull the little hairs out of any bumps that appear to have hairs in them. Use a good pair of tweezers. This helps them faster than anything I know.
  7. Something better than tweezers: a dry, soft-bristle toothbrush. As soon as you see a bump start forming, and again just before bedtime, gently brush the area with the toothbrush. You'll be amazed.

  8. +1 here, but might want to try using witch hazel after that 2nd cold water rinse, and before the AS.

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