How do you clean a razor blade?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Duggo, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    I've noticed that my Israeli's get gunk on them, (maybe all blades do) from shaving.

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to clean the razor blade.


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    I would not attempt to clean a blade. It is used for such a short time anyway. Just make sure you rinse them off after each use.
  3. Rinse 'em and that's it.

    I have tried flipping over the blade after a couple of days. Works great with my Derbys or Feathers.

  4. Thanks guys for the suggestions, and have a happy holiday.
  5. If you just have to clean them, I have found a Q tip with rubbing alcohol works good. But, I normally just take them out of the razor when I'm through and dab them dry on a paper towel before loading them back up. That way, the water doesn't "tarnish" the blade near as bad as if I didn't do this. But, BE CAREFUL.

  6. I have recently started doing like Larry. After each use, I remove the DE blade from the razor and dry it on a towel or tissue. I can usually see a bit of gunk somewhere along the edges, which I carefully rub off with my fingers. The Q-Tips are a much better idea! I will try that, tonight.

    Anyway, this whole process takes about a minute and I believe that my subsequent shaves are "better". Since I can actually see stuff on the edge and it is gone after I rub it off, I believe this is well within reason.

  7. I just use the hottest water from my tap, and run the head of the razor, with the blade still inside through it for 30 seconds.

    I also noticed i only get this gunk if I make a pass over bare skin. If I don't go for BBS, and just accept a afine amount of grit (no touch and cut), my blades look very clean after a shave....that and I rinse after every stroke, so maybe the particles don't have a chance to get stuck.
  8. I say if you get gunk on them that a water rinse, trash it

    They are cheep enough
  9. 100 pack of feathers = $30 = 30 cents a blade
    6 shaves a week using each blade twice = 3 blades a week = 90 cents a week = $46.80 annual

    And if you use Derby's
    100 = $15 on ebay = 15 cents a blade
    6 shaves = 45 cents a week = $23.40 annual

    Those really cheap brown box special personnas
    100 = $8 = 8 cents a blade
    6 shaves = 24 cents a week = $12.42 a year

    Why bother cleaning the blade? I use whatever blade I have for 2 shaves (one on each side) and then toss it. :biggrin:
  10. Someone posted about using an ultrasonic cleaner for the blade, claimed to et more shaves out of it that way. I can't see going to the bother myself. I simply rinse it in the razor under hot water.
  11. I just rinse the razor following a shave prior to putting it up.

    Re: cleaning the blade: I consider a razor blade to be a maintenance-free item; so it's R&R (remove and replace) only.
  12. all i do is rinse them and when i put a new one in i pay extra attention that i don't ding the blade by hitting it against anything.
  13. I just rinse the blade while it is still in the razor. If it is one of my Gillettes I open up the silos a little so the blade can just lift a little, then I use my finger to make the faucet spray a jet of water at the razor. Works great for me, although I doubt it's as thorough as what some have listed....ultrasonic cleaning?
    John P.

  14. Where?

  15. For regular cleaning I use hot water rinse and gently dry with a Q-tip, never touching the edge! For a thorough cleaning Maas polish with a Q-tip works wonders.
  16. For me, as I use 1/2 DE blades (shavette user)... I really don't like having a half blade just floating around when not in use.
    My solution?
    The unused half gets put in one of those little clear travel bottles (most chemists, supermarkets or on-line) with enough IPA (isopropynol alcohol) to cover it. Which, keeps it clean and safe... even if I get steel blades as opposed to stainless, not having air and water coming into contact with them keeps rust (and of course a chance of bacteria in said rust) at bay.
    IPA is readily available, and couse will keep the blade germ-free, don't even need to dry off the IPA as it quickly evaporates completely when you take them out. A quick, careful wipe With an IPA soaked tissue would work just fine too.

    IPA is readily available from on-line, or most decent harware stores.

    My question though - TBH unless the blades in question are really hard to get or expensive... why bother?
    Blade disposal containers are pretty cheap.... even if you don't have one, a fine file or wet/dry sandpaper will blunt a blade to the point of it being safe very well.... wrapped in tape and thrown or just recycled after would both be safe options*.

    *obviously, this pends on local laws covering what you can or can't put in to the bin-bags.
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  17. I clean my razor and dry after every use, I remove the blade and rinse it off under running water and shake off then I always give it a dip in isopropyl alcohol to ensure it dries completely. I have read in a few articles about leaving a blade wet and how it can make blade dull or rough from minerals in water .. Don't know if there's any truth to that but I always make sure to keep my blade dry between shaves and they seem to last quite a while (5-7 shaves)
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    I loosen up the head a little , rinse ,shake off the water. Then set the razor head first into a short jar of rubbing alcohol,while I rinse my face and apply AS. Then take the razor out, tighten head and hang-up. Only time I take the blade out to wipe off is when using SE.

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