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    Anyone have any thoughts on this"house"? I stopped in when I was in NOLA, tried some things and did buy some "Vetivert" bath soap. The scent of the soap has really grown on me. I am afraid I gave the shop short shrift overall. Not sure we have a home grown SMN, but I may be wrong! Really impossible to evaluate scents on a quick tour through a shop.

    The exact name is "HOVE’ PARFUMEUR Ltd." It is on Chartes in the French Quarter. Interesting back story. The owners live upstairs, it is said. There is also a Hove shop in Destin, FL.
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  2. No personal knowledge, but it did show up on Basenotes, Female Fragrance section, in May 2012. "When we had the BN meet-up in the French Quarter in Nola last Nov we went to Hove Perfumery and Bourbon French Perfumery. Hove has a scent called Tea Olive that was very impressive as authentic. It may fit your requirements. Both stores have websites to check out their lines of Southern based scents.
    I am not affiliated with either store."
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    I saw Tea Olive mentioned somewhere else, too. Sounds nicely exotic. Brought to mind Slumberhouse Pear and Olive.
  4. Does this shop sell any shave supplies? I live just outside NOLA so I may take a trip there to check it out.
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    Actually, see at the bottom of the Hove men's fragrances page. Some brushes, shaving mugs, straights, and Omega shaving cream. I do not recall whether they had their own SS. Not real extensive but not too shabby.

    I see that tea olive is a particular flower not a combination.

    I really regret not taking the time to really take in this store!

    NOLA is wonderful!

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