Horse hair brush smells like... horse?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by pringe, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. I bought a nr.6 brush from bestshave about 2 months ago. The smell of it is really strong. Is that normal? It has been used almost every day.:cursing:
  2. I have a Peleon, from bullgoose, and it only smelled for a few shaves. I suppose it still has a SLIGHT small after 4 or 4 shaves, but it's faint and getting fainter.
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    My #6 and #7 both lost the smell with everyday use. Did you try making a later and letting the brush sit for an hour or so? Try washing it with liquid hand soap in warm water or baby shampoo. Hope this helps.
  4. Suggest airing out first in a ventilated room. Shave as you would normally.

    My horse smell disappeared after one shave and one rinsing.
  5. I bought the Vie-Long LE from Bull Goose and although the smell diminished after a good washing and drying and several daily uses, it still faintly stinks. I haven't used it in a long time and put in up on BST but sniffing it again it still smells. I think it will just take some time, maybe a long time, I don't know.
  6. I sort of like the faint smell, to be honest with you.

    I suspect that the degree the smell will be dissipated or covered up will vary with the cream or soap you use.
  7. I solved the same problem with mine by sprinkling a cheap after shave onto the brush. I used AquaVelva Musk. Worked for me. Good Luck!
  8. Use your brush with a freshly opened Arko stick. That should eliminate your ability to smell just about anything. Most of your home, including your brush will smell like Arko.
    Than again most of your block will smell like Arko, but hey it's better than horse.
  9. Hi pringe,

    one of my favorite brushes in terms of building up an exceptional lather in no time is my Vie-Long custom fan shape natural brown horse hair and well did this little bugger stink at the beginning - wet horse. That's what it's made of. Several washes in soap and diluted vinegar and a final lather of Tabac Original got rid of 90% of the smell. The rest diminished with subsequent use. It's a natural product...
  10. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...
  11. Strong disagreement. I grew up riding and have smelled many a horse...everyone of them had a personal fragrance preferable to Arko.

    Edit: On a helpful note, I have two vie long horsehairs and neither have them have the horsey smell any longer. It will go away. If the brush works for you, then just wait it out.
  12. I did two things for the horse smell one is I used pet shampoo then I left the lather in the brush overnight, both brought the smell way down and the it went away.
  13. it's weird, I have a horse (an actual horse) and my vie long horsehair brush doesn't really smell like horse, to me. But I still don't mind the smell, which has diminished to almost nothing after a handful of shaves.
  14. I just got a couple of #6's through the post this morning and had a shave, I found it very hard to face lather a thick coat, but the brush seemed to hold a lot of good cream in the middle. Is this the norm or justr need breaking in?
  15. Proraso and Tabac are good for getting the horse smell out. It just takes some time.
  16. you haven't lived until you smelled a tweezerman brush...
    I think they should ban the badger hunting when they are in mating season...
  17. I had no problems with thin lather from the Turkish Horses I had owned, try a bit more Soap or Cream, I don't think the Hair is treated like the Vie-Longs are and may need a few lathers to break-in.
  18. So I shaved with this again this morning with some Mikes soap, got up a great bowl lather, but again the brush seems to just hold all the luxurious cream in the middle or sides, and spreads a thin surface on the face.

    When i pinch the brush with my thumb and index and pull up the lather, it's very very rich and creamy, but the brush seems to clump up and hold it, but not spread it. Bit frustrating, might have to drop it from the routine. Again, it only cost 2 quid so not comlpaining, it's worth 2 quid of anyones money.
  19. good to know.....i just received my VL today & what a stinker! Great looking brush though.


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