Hobbes's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Hobbes, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Please allow me to introduce myself:


    What is your real name?

    What are your nicknames/aliases?
    Just Hobbes!

    Where do you live?
    Abu Dhabi

    What is your age (or) generation?

    What are you in the real world?
    Healthcare IT

    What is your favorite shave setup?
    Merkur HD
    Body Shop shaving cream
    Body Shop shaving brush (but getting a Kent silvertip for Christmas)
    As you can see, I'm quite new to DE shaving. I plan to expand on this soon!

    What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
    Playing the violin (badly)
    Playing with my son

    What else should the members of B&B know about you?
    I recently went travelling in Nepal & Tibet, where I didn't shave for a month. This was mainly because of lack of decent facilities in some of the places I stayed. When 15 people are sharing one sink, and you have to use a stove and pan to get hot water, it just takes a lot of the fun out of shaving! I also grew the beard because my son wanted to see what I looked like. When I got back, I had to shave it off (or get divorced). Luckily, I've now discovered that shaving doesn't HAVE to be a chore.

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  2. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Welcome Ian!
  3. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    Ian - welcome to B&B! :biggrin:
  4. Ian, hello and welcome.
  5. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Welcome to B&B, Ian!
  6. Welcome aboard!

  7. Welcome to B&B and the Hall of Fame.

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