Hey fellow Buckeyes! How about a Northern Ohio Get together?

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  1. Hello to all Northern Ohio BB&B'ers (Buckeye B&B members)! I'm just wondering if anyone (really several anyones) would be interested in getting together in April or May. I have some ideas about what we could do, but who knows.... Maybe have a BST time? Have breakfast or lunch involved? It pretty much has to be on a Saturday, most likely in the late morning to early afternoon. The Medina/Akron/Canton area seems sort of central, and there are a lot of businesses in the area with good food and spaces for small gatherings.

    If enough people are interested, I would be happy to investigate possible of activities, cuisine, and establishments that would put up with a strange bunch like us. Just send a post, subscribe to this thread, and we'll see what happens. Give a Buckeye shout if you're interested! I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jode V.
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  2. Hello from Dayton. I wish I were in a position to make a journey. Best of luck.

  3. I think those of use who live in Northern Ohio are in shock from being deprived of a real winter. Either that, it's just a bad time of year to get together. It might be that nobody likes me. Sigh.
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    Just a wee thought, from one born on the North Coast but relocated Up North by my late Uncle Henry .. perhaps check for interest before setting the parameters .. maybe all the Browns fans go to church on Saturday between 11 and 1? Or won't make bail until June 1st?

    Kidding, I'd be interested
  5. Damn, I didn't think about that. All the bail companies downtown are closed Sat and Sun!
  6. Too many miles for me...but I'll be with you Cold Blooded Brethren in spirit!
  7. i grew up in akron, but live in columbus. i'd be in for a sunday meet.
  8. I was born in Akron. Does that count for anything? :)
  9. Sundays are probably doable for me, I work Saturdays.

    FWIW, I know a reputable Bondsman that will come get us 7 days a week, anytime. Well, a friend of mine does. Not me. :whistling:
  10. I live in Medina. I would be up for a meet. What about at Imperial Shaving? It's right on the square and they have a couple of good and cheap breakfast spots. I wouldn't want us to spend our money on breakfast when there is a shaving spot so close. I know we would all have to bring money to buy more goodies. I could do Sat. or Sun. Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I just found this thread.
  11. I'd be interested depending on how far away...... I'm in Canton, Ohio... I know there are a few members from Canton and a few from Akron...
  12. How did I not know there was another Cantonite on the board.
  13. i'm with you dougie. i'm just outside dayton (fairborn) and being 16 there's just no way for me to make it.
  14. It's good to know what people are up for something. I don't know what Cinci has for shaving B&M. I was thinking about Medina, but haven't talked to the folks at Imperial Shaving about it. Not that I'm on first name basis with the owners, but I do much of my shaving supply purchases there. The store does online sales and is WELL stocked with products: Merkur, Parker, Feather, and iKon DE's, all kinds of "famous" name creams, aftershaves, and colognes. They also have a ton of straight razor stuff and other accessories. Visit the "StraightRazorDesigns.com" website to see what they have. It's great to actually be able to go into a physical store, pick up a product, or sniff a scent before you buy. The Medina Square is a great get together spot with quite a few restaurants for breakfast and two good coffee shops--all of it in walking distance. If we can get a consensus on a date and time, I will be happy to discuss the get together with Imperial and maybe arrange something. I think Imperial Shave is open 'til 4 p.m on Saturday, so we'd probably be looking at a late breakfast/lunch get together with a couple hours to browse and shop. Oh, and the city has a FREE parking lot right behind Imperial.

    Weekends in May are looking good right now. Gentlemen, cast your vote by posting a message for one of these Saturday: 5/5, 5/12, or 5/19.
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  15. I would make any of those Saturdays available except the 12th. I have spoken to Don on several occasions. Him and his son run the shop. Great people. I usually go in there once a week. It's troublesome that it's only 10 minutes from the house.
  16. Cincinnati area here!!
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    No love for Y-Town?

    I'd even let you start my car for me! It's got a fresh tuneup!
  18. Not sure that Cinci has ANY shaving B&Ms!
  19. Okay--
    Here's what we're looking at: May 19, that's a Saturday. How about 11:00 and meet at the coffee shop that's in the little "mall" above Imperial Shaving. There is parking in front and free parking BEHIND the building. The address is

    23 Public Square
    Medina, OH 44256

    We can have a cup of coffee and get the introductions going. Let me know if you are bringing any noobs or non-forum members... a good thing! I'm driving down to talk with Don today about us invading his shop around noon on that day. I'll post more about this if I can wrangle some kind of deal for B&B members. Come with a list. He has a great inventory. For anybody looking to purchase a Thater brush, Imperial Shaving is the place, but they also carry ALL the name brand players as far as products, both software and hardware.

    If you want to talk about life or have some questions about the meet & greet, PM me.

    Jode V.
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