help regarding a wierd 40s british tech

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  1. pics are now uploaded alot of them nothe the furrow wich the wierd one has and the other has the flat guard. threads are longer on wierd one no c orner caps like the old type please help

    i picked up a razor yesterday its a 40s british tech head with a nickel hollow handle im exelent about identifying gillettes but this is weird it has a nickel handle NEW and the head is 40s british tech the cap is sloped like the old type with none of the corner pieces on the head cap. it is slotted the same as the 40s brit tech ive alwready got. ill get in a pic later today or tommorow

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    do u have a question? The 1st link gave me this..Not Found

    The requested URL /Rasierer/The NEW/1946 (R2 on blade) NEW England.JPGeven was not found on this server...

    the 2nd link described a tech razor from Mr. Razor site.:confused1
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  3. It sounds like a frankenrazor: someone combined parts from a couple of different razors. Anyway, let's fix those links:


  4. I have heard that it is not uncommon to find mixed sets for this period.
    This set below I believe is such.
    Are your Gillette Diamond and Made in England below the slots (like mine) or above?

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  5. below ill get a few pics in soon does your cap have the corners or none mine has none

    the threads are longer and mine is just like yours
  6. It looks like ours are somewhat similar. I have smooth corners and Gillette / Made in England are below the slots but the thread length is the same as the rest of my English Techs.

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  7. are these a very early production tech or a rarity ide like to know
  8. i need more than this please how about when manufactured
  9. You need?
  10. Just a thought here, remember, that Britain was suffering from the results of the War. As with other industries i.e. motor cycles, cars etc they often used what was available at the time, so it would not be that uncommon to get variants as the country returned to peace time production.

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