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  1. Just wanted to say Hey. I just bought a Merkur safety razor and I'm loving it so far. I looked at some of the reviews for things and I can't say enough how helpful this site has been. Just wanted to really say thanks for all those who have put this together and shared their knowledge and experiences. I just had my first shave today with it and didn't realize how therapeutic it was. I'm on a small budget so I got an large tin cup and some Old spice "classic" aftershave. I got a brush and a thing of conk's shaving soap.
  2. Welcome. This shaving "thing" really is therapeutic isn't it? What kind of Merkur did you get? I have 38M, and she's a beauty with the two-tone matte/chrome finish. I've got a few vintage Gillettes, and I really like them too. Hopefully you got a brush you like. For me, having a good brush makes the whole shaving experience better.
  3. I got a 23c long handle. I read that it was good for beginners. I'm not too sure about the brush though. I'm now trying to get my lather right. That to me has been the hardest part so far.
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  5. Appreciate it.
  6. Welcome to B&B, Jay!

    Good setup you have.
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  8. Welcome Aboard!
  9. Hello, BigJay. May you have a DFS today and everyday.
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  12. Welcome BigJay! I've been shaving with a DE for about a month now, and I'm still working on getting my lather right too. Practice makes perfect, right?
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  14. Hi BigJay, Welcome to B&B!!

    You are off to a great start finding the first shave therapeutic, it being the desired effect. The quest for good lather and smooth shaves is just the means to a Zen end :) Enjoy your shaves.
  15. Welcome to the group Jay !!
  16. Jay;

    Welcome to B&B. I feel we all share, [especially all of us noobs], our gratitude to all the fine folks here, who have made this, IMHO, the best web site ever.

    I too have the Merkur 23c w/the LH. One of the great member's here offered it to me at a fantastic price, plus he threw in some much appreciated freebies, [blade samples, shave creams, etc, etc, etc. You stay here long enough, you'll see what I mean.
  17. Welcome to the finest shaving community around the world! Enjoy your shaves!
  18. Hello and welcome. Good to have you here.
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    Enjoy Your Shave !

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