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  1. You know, that page on how to make your own lather is comprehensive and all, but it still emphasizes a judgment call. So far I've made lather of all consistencies but I still don't know which is exactly the best one. How big should the bubbles be? How thick should the lather be? How stiff? Soap bubbles, whipped cream, or egg whites? These are all questions that the lather page doesn't definitively tell me.

    I think it would be exceptional to have an HD video made about how to make perfect lather, so users can actually see a reference point of how thick, bubble size, etc. Or at least some pictures would be helpful.
  2. Some people like their lather very thick, while others like it with more water. It's a personal preference that you will just have to experiment with. For a while, I liked my lather thinner because my razor went through it with ease. Lately, I've been going thicker because it gives me a better sense of what the soap is all about (stronger scent, slipperiness).
  3. I have a handheld HD camcorder that will be showing up on the BST forum for those making reviews and shaving videos... maybe you will get your wish soon.
  4. This one from Brucered may be helpful to you.

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  5. not HD by any means, but yes, i have a few showing up close shots of lather. these are just done on our family Point & Shoot digital...it's not even 720p, perhaps the next one, as we are do for a new camera. :walkman:

    or if someone wants to buy me an HD camcorder, i'd be glad to re-shot in HD. :sorcerer:

    ps....my current Mysitc Water and Proven Sante lather videos show some even better lather, or at least i think so. might be time to re-shoot the RR one, as i can get it better then that now.

  6. Here she is.....
  7. Hey Shavers,

    I plan on making an HD brush lathering video for my blog Shaveology in June, 2012. I'd produce it sooner, but I'll be out of the country on a business trip all of May...
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  8. Brucered, thanks for the video, that was just the sort of thing I was looking for.
    Of course, additions from other members would be great too, just to see variations. :)
  9. I'm working on one too but it will probably be a little later than June.
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  10. So which one(s) shaved better? Looking at a picture to tell how something feels and physically reacts isn't going to get you there.

    Rub the lather between your fingers. It should be slick (lubricating) with a little resistance (cushion).

    Try to make it the same way every time. Shave with it. Get used to it.

    Then, after a while (2-3 weeks or so) try adding a little more water. Shave with it. Better or worse?

    After another while, add less water. Shave with it. Better or worse?

    It takes a while. You'll get there.
  11. It depends on what product you are using. When you become familiar with a product, you know when it's the correct consistency. One soap or cream's lather will vary in density/thinness to than another soap or cream's, even when both are mixed to their optimal water ratio.
  12. i just put up a TEST 720p lather video. just shot with a little Canon point and shoot digital. seems to be much clearer and future lather videos will be done with this camera.
  13. I can answer this for you: visible bubbles are generally bad. You shouldn't be asking how big the bubbles should be. They should be so small that you can't see them.

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