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  1. This may seem like a stupid question, but what exactly is hair tonic? What is it meant to do? Is it used for certain hair styles, like hair wax or pomade?
  2. I'm not sure what it is for, but on a whim I bought some Clubman Quinine Hair Tonic. Its not a greasy or waxy kind of thing like a styling gel or pomade or Brylcream kind of thing. Not really something you would use for styling. I kind of look at it like "hair aftershave lotion." It seems to add some shine to my hair and makes it feel a bit silkier. The Clubman has an old time barber shop scent I find pleasing. It d oesn't seem to be oily to me. I find it to be a nice finish to my morning grooming routine. I can't tell you how it compares to Vitalis or other hair tonics.
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    I use it like a hair/scalp conditioner. It has glycerin in it so it makes hair a bit softer and can offer light hold. I use Jeri's, but honestly I use it mainly for the smell. Makes my bathroom smell like a barbershop. For additional hold you can get Jeri's with oil, but I never liked the though of putting oil in my hair. I use Jeri's, then follow up with a small amount of Clubman Gel.
  4. I think it was mainly meant to keep hair looking neat and smell good. I use Vitalis on occasion when my hair gets frizzy (which it often does).
  5. I'm not sure what it is, but I like it. I've only used Vitalis but when I did I wished I had used it sooner. It held my hair down without the stiffness of gel and the yuckiness of pomade.
  6. Aftershave for hair is a good comparison. I will be posting some thoughts on hair tonic after I give Vitalis a spin.
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    As mentioned it is mostly for scent. And some of them are very nice indeed. And it works as a leave in conditioner too. However, the best use I have found for them is using them as the Brits describe them. 'Friction lotions." I like to decant mine into atomisers and spritz about three to four good pumps onto the hair. It is not necesssary to do it though. Splash some into your palm and rub both hands together lightly to even it out between them. Rub it all over your hair/scalp and then with your finger TIPS, not the nails, start vigorously working it into your hair and down to your scalp all over your head. Use some pressure but don't hurt yourself! I do this for a good three to five minutes. This does two things. It helps evapourate the alcohol out of the product and the friction from the rub makes the product kind of set up for lack of a better description. It gives the slightest bit of body building hold to finer hair. It will not make it stay in place in a wind. It just scents the hair and makes it feel a bit fuller. And the scalp massage feels pretty nice too. Remember to massage the scalp rather than move the fingers over the hair in a willy nilly fashion. It is really easy to do but give it a few minutes. It really is nice. On the other hand, you may simply not like them either.

    Cheers, Todd

    PS I have never used one like Jeris Osage Rub. I believe it contains some serious menthol. If so, rubbing a menthol product on your scalp may cause irritation or burning. I don't know for sure but I would approach with caution. All the ones I use are non mentholated.
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    Jeris is not the same thing as Osage Rub. Totally different products.
  9. Osage Rub is by Jeris I believe. And, it is intended as a scalp massage I believe.
  10. I bought a bottle of Dollar General branded knock off of Vitalis hair tonic for $1.50 the other day. It does a good job of managing my hair and taking the frizz right out, but I wish it was unscented. It has a weird sweet lemon scent that seems to linger for hours.
  11. I tried that product for a while, but really couldn't decide whether I liked it or not. I'll have to give it another try over the next few days.
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    There is no mention of Jeris anywhere on the Osage Rub label. They are, however, both distributed by American International Industries, Clubman. Osage Rub is a head and face rub, so it can be used on your head but it contains no glycerin, so it wont have the same effect as a tonic, it is meant just for cooling.

    Osage Rub: Water, Alcohol SD-40, Menthol, Fragrance, Eucalyptol, Blue #1, Yellow #5.
    Jeris Tonic: Water, Alcohol SD-40, Glycerin, Fragrance, Boric Acid, Blue #1, Yellow #5.

  13. Phog Allen

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    Kind of interesting. I suppose they get lumped together because of the green colour. They are both manufactured(not just distributed) by AII Clubman and have much in common. Mostly alcohol and colourant like all the other tonics including Pashana. The Jeris has boric acid which is an emulsifier. I think it keeps the glycerin in suspension. The Osage Rub does not need it since alcohol is a solvent that works on menthol and needs nothing else to keep it emulsified. I can tell you I would never put Osage Rub on my scalp or face. Menthol is tricky with me anyway. I have had Aqua Velva numb my face right out. This stuff has eucalyptus oil in it as well. I'll bet it is cold! Anyone ever try the Osage on their scalp?

    Cheers, Todd
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    What does Vitalis smell like? I smelled the bottle in store yesterday, but all I smell is alcohol. Based on that I can't justify buying it, but I'd kinda like to try it.
  15. Next trip to the store I'll take a whiff of the Vitalis to compare, but I really like the scent of the Clubman Eau de Quinine hair tonic. Works well with the various Clubman aftershaves, particularly The Veg, Special Reserve and original Clubman. Despite the Quinine in the name it smells good and I don't get an alcohol smell when I sniff from the bottle. That said, there is some alcohol in it as it helps dry my hair when I apply it after a shower.

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