Had a lucky day on Fleabay today......

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Mitsimonsta, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Just having a quick perusal on 'Da Bay' and came across something that said 'please purchase me'. So I did.


    I think that is probably going to be enough with the 4,000 NOS GBE's and the 2,000 Dark/Maltese Platinums that are in my stash.

    AUD$0.613 per blade delivered to Australia, so much better than the USD$1-$1.50 range they have been going for prior to adding shipping.
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  2. Ooooh, nice score Joel. I've built a significant stash of these, but a big lot-purchase like that would have tempted me to jump (again) as well! Well done.
  3. mdevine

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    Great price for that amount of blades. This is one that is on my list to try, but this is a few too many for a trial run. Enjoy them.
  4. Well done. It's a great blade.
    -- Chet
  5. Thanks John. Yes, I think I am set for life now. I may pick up a few more here and there, but that's 10 years worth of shaving right there, plus some.

    I have already tested a few in the packs that came with the odd purchase here and there. I got a full 5-pack from a purchase a while ago that included a number of Schick Chromiums, old Personnas (not 74's unfortunately) and a pack of Light Brigades. I think Spoilers are the pinnacle of Gillette DE blades, if they still made them then nobody would want to use carts!

    Cheers Chet, it is indeed one of the all-time great DE Blades.

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