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  1. Just saw it with my dad. My dad NEVER likes movies. He either talks about how much they sucked, or has no opinion about them. Well for the first time ever, my dad not only liked a movie, but he praised it and even discussed it with me. He actually even said that it was one of the best movies he's ever seen. I completely agree with him, and just want every one to know that I highly recommend going to see it.
  2. This is on my short-term to-see list. Eastwood has been untouchable in recent years.
  3. Wait 'til you seem him in this, seriously.
  4. Eastwood is just an amazing actor and director. This movie seems like an oldschool BA movie from the 70's. I'm glad to see how well it is doing.
  5. It is that, but it's much much more. It covers several different things about life that I wasn't predicting at all. I mean, this movie blew me away.
  6. hate to be a negative nelly here,but the the acting (apart from eastwood) is terrible,the girl is especially reminded me of a watered down deathwish for the year 2009.plastic gangsters with the obligatory white boy pretending to be ganster thrown in and the rest is formulaic.after Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers this is a terrible low for eastwood.

    and what the bloody hell is all this growling business from eastwood at the merest thing that riles him ? his stare was far more impressive than his vocal addition of the hulk.
  7. His voice actually reminds me more of Christian Bale's Batman haha
  8. i didnt find it to annoying in batman begins. but he has more screen time as batman in the dark knight, and he must have gone through throat lozengers like no ones business lol.must be hard keeping that husky business up :lol:eastwoods voice has always been like that (not quite as bad but not night n day difference) and that didnt bother was the growling that kinda had me giggling.
  9. I agree with you about Eastwood's voice. It is a weird mix of growling and whispering that just seems a bit ridiculous. JMO
  10. I don't think the growling is stupid at all. It shows the true emotion of eastwood's character through his view of his community. Its almost like a low "oh god", with a stern face anyways. Its meant to be comical anyways, lol. Great movie all together. Filmed right here in Grosse Pointe/Detroit :)
  11. The name Walter fit that character to the T. He looked and sounded like Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter.

    That aside, I thought it was a good movie. The wigger kid would have hit the cutting room floor if it was up to me. The scene itself wasn't bad and set a basis for his friendship with the girl, but that kid was sooo stupid. I also learned a new vocabulary of racial epithets towards Asians that I could have done without. I understand his character fought in Korea, but it got old real fast.
  12. This is on my "Must See" list. It will be a while before it makes it on base here in Japan, but when it does, count me in!
  13. City Weekly (SLC's entertainment paper, more or less) completely trashed it. That is usually the red flag that I need to go buy a movie ticket right away. :biggrin:
  14. tm3


    i thought the growling was overdone also. in general eastwood as a director goes a little overdone for me in general. and i agree that to some extent the movie was formulaic and predictable, unlike "no country for old men" for example.

    so what is my overall opinion? outstanding entertainment. lots of spontaneous reaction from the audience (laughing, cheering, etc.). i enjoyed the boldness of having realistically portrayed language in our climate of political correctness. and it is great fun to see the bad guys get hosed.
  15. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 76% positive rating.

    I liked it. I may have been predisposed to as I work with a couple Hmong guys and am familiar with their plight, i.e. fighting for the US (read: CIA) then being abandoned to the tender mercies of the Lao government.

    Look at some of the Youtube videos of the massacres still being brought by the Laotian military on the remaining Hmong to this day. It's sickening.
  16. This movie looks good. It may actually get me to go to a theater.
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    It's an excellent movie. I highly recommend it to Clint Eastwood fans. Check it out for yourself.
  18. Clint's real-life son played that part, which is probably why it didn't get to the cutting room floor. :wink:

    I saw the movie Saturday and and really liked it. You can pick any movie apart and find things to say that were bad about it, but overall, I think this was a good movie.
  19. Most of the Korean kids in the movie are making their professional debuts, no movie experience at all.
    I really liked the movie. Clint takes about 20 minutes until you really like his character.
    The above mentioned kids all do great jobs at their roles.
    Highly recommended.
  20. Anyone else spot the Williams soap in Walt's footlocker? :lol:

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