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  1. Hey everyone,

    Definetely a "newb" here and to the world of straight edge shaving. I've been lurking for a bit and have to say that there is a wealth of information here along with a great group of helpful people!

    Im looking to purchase my first straight razor and along with any reccomendations was wondering if the razors on XXXXXX are any good or I guess I should ask if they would be any good for me as a first time user? I am trying to stay under $100 so if there are better razors out there that anyone can reccomend I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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  2. No. (a member here) wil sort you out. All you need to get started is a shave-ready razor (new razors are not shave-ready even if stated otherwise on the box/leaflet/brochure) and a strop.

    Steer clear of cheap stuff or you'll buy twice.
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  3. I think you would be much better off looking at a new Dovo or TI. You can check out some Dovos at Vintageblades and TIs at Classicshaving or Rasurpur.

    All of these shops offer a pre-honing option to ensure that your razor is actually shave-ready when it gets to you. I recently bought a TI from Rasurpur and Dovo from Vintageblades and had a great buying experiences at each place.

    You can also keep an eye on the B/S/T forum here at B&B as some very good reasonably priced straight razors often come up for sale.
  4. Venus World Wide is out of Pakistan. I sampled one, would sharpen to an edge. It didn't survive the first pass on on cheek.
  5. So i have been very interested in trying a straight but not sure what all I need. Can someone explain to me, are Shavettes, something that will take a DE blade? Is that what makes it a bit simpler than a straight, not to have to hone it? Also if you buy a shave ready straight, how often you have to hone it to maintain it once you get it Pre-honed?

    I hope to buy 1 that will be good so I am not tempted to add to the collection. Those who know of my Brush AD, specially with Plisson will know I dont need a Straight Razor AD.

    Thanks a lot

  6. +1 on Kenrup for good shave ready razors, and he sells decent priced strops too

    that's a nice razor too and very good price

    shavettes take either DE blades of certain types or disposable blades designed just for them, they are sharper then a regular straight as you always have a fresh blade no stropping but are quite unforgiving and definitely not the same thing, a pre sharpened staight properly stropped should last a couple months anyhow get 2 of them and a paddle strop for touch ups and it could be up to a year before they would need rehoned again

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