Godrej and strange must/musk scent?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by nehpets4627, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Last week I received some tubes of Godrej and Axe cream from another forum member and just got around to trying them last night… Menthol Mist and Fresh Lime Godrej and Denim Axe. I had really high hopes for both of the Godrej creams, but those hopes were quickly and unexpectedly dashed.

    All three creams, but especially the Godrej Menthol Mist have a secondary scent that is extremely musty and musky. The Fresh Lime has it to a lesser degree, but it’s still there. With the Menthol Mist it’s so strong it nearly turns my stomach. My Parker Deluxe Pure Badger brush holds the scent as well, as long as 2 or 3 shaves afterward even when using other products (mainly Proraso cream) afterward.

    I had big plans for the Godrej Menthol Mist being a go-to cream for its heavy menthol content. It does indeed pack a big Menthol punch, much stronger than the Proraso cream I use otherwise. Unfortunately the must/musk undertone is so strong that I just can’t use it without basically plugging my nostrils with Proraso.

    Does anyone else pick up on this secondary scent with Godrej and/or Axe creams? Is there some chance I just got some old tubes that had turned or soured? Any recommendations on another inexpensive cream with a strong menthol kick?
  2. Godrej usually has a small expiration sticker on the tubes. Check it out. That may be the cause. I've tried the menthol and never had anything but a very, very intense menthol blast from it.
  3. +1. The cream is likely old and well past its expiration.
  4. I picked up both the lime and menthol mist Godrej from a local Indian grocery despite their showing ~1 year past expiration and am happy to report no off-putting scents.

    Maybe I better start using them up quickly before they hit the wall...
  5. My Godrej Lime Fresh is 2 years past expiry, but still works well. I believe you're smelling the lanolin, which may be stronger than the actual fragrance in these creams. Or, I guess, maybe yours has turned, somehow. Mine works very well and the scent doesn't put me off.
  6. Never had a problem with any of the three varieties or multiple tubes I've had.
  7. Is the expiration printed somewhere, or stamped in the plastic on the bottom edge where the tube is sealed? I'm not a date printed anywhere, but there are some numbers stamped on the sealed edge... one side reads "RS 30 3/10" and the other reads "12/11"
  8. Definitely means "30 Rupees," and then probably "manufactured in march of 2010," "expires in December 2011." The crimp is always where they stamp the manufactured/expiration dates.
  9. My Goodrej crimp only indicates date of manufacture. However, on the box that the tube came in, it has the same date as on the crimp and the expiration date 2 years later. Also, in the text on the box, it states "Best Use Before 25 Months From Pkd", which fits. And as I said earlier, I bought mine already past that timeframe and they've impressed me with nothing but their limey and mentholly goodness.

    It's interesting if indeed your dates reflect manufacture and expiry since they're only 21 months different. Is that info from the Axe tube maybe? And in any event, it sounds like you're well within the "Best Use" period, so I wonder if maybe the two tubes were maybe exposed to some climatic extremes or something somewhere along the line.
  10. Maybe it was the cold I had last week, but both the Lime and Menthol Godrej scents were not nearly as offensive as they were last week. Still not my favorite and I probably won't buy them again on down the road unless I stumble across them locally, but I think I can use what I have on hand and maybe hang on to the Menthol for use when it gets really hot this summer.

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