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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by nav, Dec 11, 2008.

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    I have ordered my first shaving soap from for those in Aus*.

    I can't wait for it to arrive, I am currently using shaving oil to which I add a drop of pure veg glycerin which makes it even more slick.

    I want to use glycerin with the shaving which point would I add it in to get the most effective results.

    Would I do it when loading the brush, start of lathering or mid-lathering or just about when it is done? Glycerin is very goopy so I feel that adding it at the beginning of the process may gunk up the brush but this is only my feeling at this stage.

    *Robyn sells 140gram soaps for just $5 and I got her to send me an ingredients list too which is as follows:
    Saponified Olive, Coconut, Palm & Castor oils, natural glycerine (forms in the soap when it is made), French Pink Clay & Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil.
  2. Seems too much like work to me. I'm not a goop fan.
    And if I really wanted glycerin, I'd get a glycerin-based soap.

    That said, I'd opt for mid-lather. You want to be done 'digging' into the soap, but still want to do some mixing.
  3. I use glycerin as a preshave. It helps keep the beard stubble soft and warm while I mix the day's lather.
  4. nav


    Yeah, I think this is an awesome idea!!!

    I had my first shave with a glycerin based soap today and it wasn't as comfortable as my usual shave with shaving oil but it was very slick (I assume due to the French clay)...I really enjoyed it.

    I tried to lather it in a bowl but found it worked much better with face lathering. So, ill use a couple of drops of glycerin as a pre-shave and then just face lather the soap on. I can't wait.

    Im also much more impressed with the soap than I thought I would be. I got the monster 140gram soap for just $5 and it works and smells great. For any Aussie's on the board, you can order them for she is currently out of shaving soap but will have more in afew weeks time. Infact, I was referred to her by a B&B'er.
  5. Nav,

    From your description, it sounds like you are getting the whole lather issue resolved. I have never tried a shave oil, so I don't know how it compares to lather.

    The trick I have found to know when the lather is ready for a good, slick shave is when it holds pointed peaks, kind of like a meringue, after whipping it up with the brush. I use a bowl, but it is the same for face lathering.

    Good luck!

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