Gillette Slim / Fatboy questions, broken tto and "red dot"

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  1. Hi!

    First image question:
    Any one knows what's up with this Gillette Fatboy TTO-dial? Sometimes it's in place, and sometimes it's not..

    $Gillette Fatboy with bad tto.jpg

    Second question:
    I've read about the "red dot" and that it has a higher value, but is it the Slim or the Fatboy who has the "red dot", and what exactly is it? :001_unsur

  2. Found this on a previous post, You'll notice the actual Red Dot on above the adjuster dial on the razor to the left, and the normal look above the dial on the razor on the right. They are both Fatboys.


    Edit: In regards to the TTO on the Fatboy in your picture, hopefully someone else will chime in on that. It looks hyper-extended to me, but wouldn't know the first thing about how to get it back into place....
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  3. Thank's both of you, that answered my questions!

  4. alex2363

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    The Red Dot was one of several prototypes built by Gillette back in the 1950’s when they were developing the 195 adjustable razor (Fat Boy), has the adjustment dial on the bottom, it really doesn’t have that much in common with the production Fat Boy, it’s more like a Toggle w TTO knob. The Red Dot weighs 3.0 ounces, the production Fat Boy i’s 2.7 ounces and little longer handle. It also has a thicker, differently shaped blade tray and slightly longer guard bars. The adjustment is also different the entire blade tray moves on the Red Dot, whereas only the four bars move on the Fat Boy.Unlike the Fat Boy, the Red Dot does not have a lock down turn, it tightens down same way as Super Speed. Red Dot has a better build quality. The case for the Red Dot is also a little larger and more rounded than that of the Fat Boy case.

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