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  1. Does anybody know anything about these Gillette Goal blades? I received some in a sampler and I can find very little on them in the forums and elsewhere online. They appear to be made in India. How does their sharpness/smoothness compare to other Gillette blades?
  2. They are pretty sharp. I found them to be a tad smoother than the Gillette Yellows but equally sharp. I'd advise extra care when shaving with these.
  3. Maybe I had a dud but the one time I used a Goal it was not a pleasant experience. Like trying to use a hoe to shave with.
  4. malocchio

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    one of my favorites,very smooth ! a nice 3 shave blade.
  5. They're OK, but I consider them a 2nd tier blade.

    -- John Gehman
  6. I really like the Soccer theme in the packaging! I have 2 packets but I didn't try to score with one yet!
  7. Decent blade but better is available at the same money. As BroJohn said - a 2nd Tier blade. I put them in Indian Wilk territory.
  8. They are not a bad blade. I would rank them in the middle of the pack. But then YMMV.
  9. I used a Gillette goal that was in my sampler (from yesterday and today.

    Badmouthing a product after two uses is not a habit of mine but I never got along this poorly with a DE blade since I started. Rough and at the sametime not very effective.

    I used it in my Tech which has worked fine with everything I have put in there.

    This morning, after 3 passes, I picked up my SS which was loaded with a 3 shave (+ a weeks worth of bathroom atmosphere) old Rapira stainless to try to save my shave.

    Maybe I had a dud blade but now I know for sure I hate everything that is related to soccer.
  10. They're okay blades, but the Permasharps are better for me.
  11. OK in 2 and 3 piece razors, pretty darn great in Gillette TTO's. I have a 100 pack.

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