Gillette 7-o'clock super platinum blue box!

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by pirateskull, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Having used this blade for about a month now I have to say it is one of the best blades out their.In my EJ87 if I didn't know better I would swear there was no blade in the razor.I find it that smooth.It is imo a very sharp blade also, I get a bbs in two passes with a little touch up.I highly recommend this blade.
  2. How do they compare to the Russian Greens? I'm curious about this blade.
  3. I like them much better.The greens do not give me a good shave.
  4. 7 o'clock blues are my current favorite, and could easily so remain for a while. Yellows are great; to me the blues feel as sharp but are more forgiving.
  5. Where is the best price for these or other Gillettes?
  7. The Super Platinum's are a great blade.
  8. Wow, I gotta try some, but they are a little pricey IMO.
  9. I tried them recently, not sure where I stand with them right now. For me, the Yellow pack sharpedge seem to do a better job removing a couple days growth at the moment. Seemed like I had to go over the same spot a few times to get the job done right. Maybe I will toss the blade and try another and see how it goes. time will tell... :)
  10. I recommend the Gillette Blues. Very good blade, almost like a feather but better for me and last way longer too 5-6 shaves...
  11. Has anyone got a couple they would like to trade?
  12. I bought a hundred pack.
  13. after doing a bunch of research on blades, which could be the most irritating thing in the world to try and sort out, i settled on trying these gillette 7 o'clock blues. they good and all, and i'm sure my technique isn't up to par yet, but i was kinda hoping from more out of these blades. i would like to try out the yellow packs, maybe next.

    i got mine from ebay, decent price and quick shipping.
  14. They're much better than the Russian 7 O'Clock Super Stainless IMO. I prefer all Gillette blades to those.
  15. I bought a sampler pack of all the gillette's from lee's razors and they are waiting to be used. The yellows were a little too rough a shave, but worked well. The problem I'm experiencing in trying them out is that I started to use Bic blades and they have been amazing for me. I'd like to move away from them, but my shaves are consistently great. I anticipate I will open the blues then greens sometime soon, though.
  16. I get a good shave from the Russian super stainless.

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