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  1. Here's something I thought I'd have a few more years before I needed to start worrying about. 35 years old, and I'm starting to get white streaks in my temples. Not thin, but thick streaks.

    I'm not sure I want to advertise the gray to the world at my age yet. Could someone recommend some quality coloring product?

    Of course, I am new to this, so I have no idea what "quality coloring product" means, so I need to learn that as well. And also, how does one go about matching colors so I get it mixed in properly with my hair?
  2. ..... my humble suggestion is not to color........

    .......... as long as the hair is not thinning, let your hair go naturally..........

    ..........believe or not, many women find graying hair attractive.........
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    I used to pluck out all the white in my goatee. I gave up. They have a "just for men" hair coloring treatment, but you gotta do it regularly.
  4. You should be happy that you HAVE hair to go grey. Don't mess with it. Most of my friends and colleagues have thinning or no hair. At 44 my hair is showing white but there's lots of it and I'm happy with that. I would never color my hair.
  5. Don't fight Mother Nature and Father Time - you'll never win. Grow old gracefully and accept the color change. Trust me, it's a much better look than sporting washed-out, odd colored streaks in your hair that continually needs touch-ups every few weeks.
  6. That would be like #386 of things to fix/change on my body, and I'm not too worried about 1 through 385.
  7. Anything you buy at the drugstore is going to look fake, you need a colorist at a salon to properly dye your hair if you go that way.
  8. +1 on the advice. I started graying in my late 20s (sideburns) and at 40 it's crawled up over my ears. I've asked several women what they think of men coloring their hair and most of them have said don't do it. I still have my hair and know guys in their 20's and early 30's who have resorted to shaving their heads because it 's pretty much gone. I would leave it alone and be thankful you still have hair. Plus if you color your hair you have to keep doing it or else it will fade.

    For me the the biggest issue is my beard which is almost pure silver, and I look like Santa Claus when I let it grow out in the winter LOL!
  9. From the female perspective, I think most women find white or gray streaks very attractive in a man at any age. It seems to imply a maturity that's quite appealing.

    I agree with previous posters; let nature take its course and don't color it.

  10. +1
  11. As someone who started losing their hair in their late teens and who has shaved their head for nearly 20 years, I'm not able to offer you any advice here, other than enjoy your hair while you have it!
  12. On men in particular, dyed hair almost never looks natural. Odd thing for me to say, but embrace getting older.
  13. Okay I don't have any grey yet but how come I never notice a man's hair colour to not look natural? Maybe I'm just a newbie because I know the consensus here is to not color.
  14. My hair started going white when I was 15 (thanks Gramps!), and started thinning when I was about 30. So I shaved it all off. Simple & effective. However, I never felt the need to dye my hair, not even in high school. My advice? Enjoy it while you have it.
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    Chicks dig it. [​IMG]
  16. When you dye your hair, you aren't simply adding color to the existing natural (brown, black blond, etc.) colored hairs and covering the gray hairs. In order to dye it, the chemicals used actually strip (dissolve) whatever natural color you have and replace it with dye. With each subsequent shampoo, a little bit of dye is removed, which ultimately will leave you with conspicuous, unnatural orange-tinged hair. The more often you shampoo, the faster it fades. The only remedy is another dye job.

    This means one you hop on the dye treadmill, you're on it forever.

    Additionally, the hair cuticles weaken from being processed over and over, so the texture of your hair will change. Think hay or straw - which will require copious amounts of hair conditioner applied after every shampoo to control the frizz somewhat.
  17. i am 43... i have been graying since 20.... leave it alone...... chicks dig the color.... and anything you do to it color wise will look ridiculous..... i work with a dude who uses "just for men" and it looks like he has a painted helmet on his head.... horrible...

    chicks dig grey hair...

    i have more grey than brown now...

  18. yea o natural for me...but my family history we dont get grey til our 50's....:lol:
  19. Consensus: own it! Got it. :)
  20. Yep...chicks dig it. Rock the grey! Cover it and you look insecure.

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