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  1. I first posted this in the brush restore forum, and it was suggested that you folks might enjoy it as well.....

    1st time poster and restorer.
    As a wet shaver and pipe smoker, I delve into multiple hobbies. Pipe restoration has been one I have done for many years. When I find old but restorable pipes, I will pick them up, clean/restore them and then give them to Senior citizens who are living on fixed incomes, especially the veterans (of which I am one).
    The other day I was visiting an old gentleman (and he is truly a gentleman of the highest order), who needed a couple old pipes restored. Before I left, he asked if I could fix a dripping faucet in his bathroom, which I did quick enough. While there I noticed that he had a very well "appreciated" shaving brush that was this side of worn out.

    Back home I was restoring his pipes, and saw that one of them was burning out on the inside, no use in restoring it, but I had an idea. I cut off the stem, sanded the area to the correct dimensions, and bored out the bowl a bit to fit a knot I had, that had no home.

    When I returned his cleaned up pipes (and a couple others) and presented him with his new brush, the old gentleman nearly had tears in his eyes.

    This is what makes life worth living...


    Al in Colorado[​IMG]
  2. Very nice!
  3. Very cool idea & good work.
  4. Just awesome! :thumbup1:
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    Very nice!
  6. rickcharles606

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    Fantastic brush and an incredibly nice gesture...hopefully it will come back to you tenfold ;-)
  7. neat, well done
  8. Thank you for sharing. Great job on being a man for others.
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  9. Beautiful, in more ways than one.
  10. That's great! Made that gentleman's day for sure!
  11. Well done! Good on you!
  12. What a great story. Well done.

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