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  1. Guys I need help finding french cuff shirts the ones you wear cuff links with.
  2. Austin

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    Try Brooks Brothers.
  3. I guess the first place you should start is Brooks Brothers and you can always try the online option with Thomas Pink
  4. some of your smaller suit shops around town...especially ethnic owned... may carry them as well
  5. azmark

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  6. +1
  7. NRK


    Just remember, pockets are for interns. I'm with the guys telling you to go custom. I get mine out of Hong Kong for a very reasonable price. I can also get them out of Montreal, but they're a little closer to 200 bucks. Jantzen Tailor has always been great to deal with, even if their communication is a little spotty.
  8. Oh, please . . .
  9. Doc4

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    You have to pay for the french-cuff shirts, but we'll give you all these links for free.
  10. I get mine at Mens Warehouse.
  11. Was that a pun? :lol:
  12. Doc4

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    What ... me make a pun?? :blink:
  13. I wont wear a short sleeved dress shirt or one with out a pocket. No pocket i cant carry my nice pens.
  14. If it's short sleeve, it's not a dress shirt. :w00t:
  15. :001_rolleif I have the choice I opt for no pocket but I also own a few very sharp looking shirts with pockets and think nothing of it

    I would say check out the clearance section on
  16. I have bought most of mine at Bachrach. If you watch the sales, you can get a decent price.

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