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  1. found these sort of, at a pawn shop. the owner told me he had no razors. but the son said he had some that belong 2 his grandfather at home. he told me if i could wait a few he would go home and retrieve them 4 me 2 see if i i wished. he said he lived 2 miles away. i agreed, shortly he returned with grandpa's old razors plus 1 Pakistani razor shaped object. we worked out a deal for the 5 razors and i was on my way. 1. F W ENGELS LAFAYETTE black with bolsters on right 2.J A HENCHELS marked on spine SATURDAY from a seven day set? black scales on bottom 3.OTHELLO ANTON WIGEN JR. on left 4.STEEL KING WESTER BROS. on top 5. J A HENCKELS ZWILLINGWORKS. in middle I HAVE FINALLY!!! made my first score in the wild. tom

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  2. Sweet, haven't found good ones yet by me.
  3. I'm still waiting for mine-nice score
  4. 5 day mixed set...:tongue_sm
  5. That thumbnotched one has great lines. Congrats!
  6. I agree. That's my favorite too.
  7. that is my favorite of the lot. vintage henckels are great shavers. it is in the best condition too. grandpa had great taste in razors, methinks!
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    Wow Tom, that was a long road to your first catch in the wild! Congrats!
  9. Nice finds! I have an Engels Lafayette just like that and it's one of my best shavers.
  10. Congratulations on the great find. I'm hoping to find something somewhere one day, in a car boot sale or an old drugstore (if I can find one). I've a plan to go to a little old hardware store if it's still open near where I live - will certainly brag about any finds that I can make.
  11. I found one just like that in the wild also. Fantastic shaver.
  12. Nice find. Great feeling getting nice blades in the wild.
  13. Very cool! I have found quite a few in antique stores around here but none as nice as those.
  14. There's an antiques place near me that I've seen many a nice (and not so nice) straight razor, but it's likely they'll be there for quite a while. To say they're "war priced" is insulting to actual war prices. Case in point: a Spike with two huge chips in the blade (one at the tip, one midway on the edge) for $50. That was the cheapest one there; to hone that out would've taken the blade down to about 1/4" width and 2" length in my estimation.

    The flea markets here occasionally get something decent, but that's hit and miss at best. More miss than hit, really.

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