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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by canman23, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. I was looking online tonight and ran across a product called Florena. Has anyone heard of these products or used them? I cant seem to find any where in the USA that sells Florena and I really want to try some of their stuff. A link would be great if you know a place in the USA that sells Florena.
  2. DUQ


  3. Hey, I resemble that link. :lol:

    It's great stuff. Some people have reported allergies to it, but if not, it is super lubing for the shave and super moisturizing for the post-shave.
  4. Funny this should come up. I JUST finished a nice night time shave with florena cream (I am from Canada), and it is fantastic. There are reviews here, I believe, but it is a light scented cream that lathers fabulously. For about four bucks a tube, you can't go wrong. If I wanted to, I could skip the balm (this is after an Aqua Velva splash!) it is so moisturizing. Actually, I mixed it with The Body Shop cream (I like the scent), but it is great on its own.

  5. Good stuff. I could've sworn it was made in Germany, however.
    Not expensive, and (mine at least) has a nice soothing chamomile scent.
    Reminds me of Nivea.
    John P.
  6. It is made in Germany; however, it seems that many Canadian drug stores and grocery stores carry it.

    I have purchased it while visiting family in Toronto. However, I've not been terribly impressed. It was okay, but nothing special. (YMMV, of course. My brother in law thinks it is great.)

  7. You guys know where I could get some of this online? I live in the USA and cant get it here. Unless someone would be willing to pick some up for me? Ill pay for it.
  8. Actually, if you visit the buy/sell/trade forum, someone was just recently offering to trade some Florena for some cream not readily availabe here in Canada. Perhaps you could check that out.


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