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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by jdboucher, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I received my sampler pack of TOBS SC from Shaving Essentials. I tried the Avocado that everyone raves about. My first does that stuff lather. It exploded when I mixed some water with it. Next thing was the was interesting. I neither hated it nor loved it. The shave was decent. I haven't quite mastered the DE Shave. Tomorrow I'll break out the Mach 3 and see if I can get a BBS shave with it.
  2. You will get BBS with a Mach 3. TOBS is amazing.
  3. I dont know about BBS with a Mach3... maybe with irritation:rolleyes: BUT you do have some top knotch shave cream there. Love the TOBS avacado. Stick with the DE. Once you perfect your technique, you wont be using that Mach3 anymore. Trust me :wink:
  4. Use any multiblade razor with a quality cream like TOBS, and BBS without irritation is certainly possible.
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    TOBS is great stuff... I do not like avocado, I prefer roses but still, the lather will get you there for sure!
  6. I found all three of my TOBS samples to lather like crazy. Avocado, St James, and Mr Taylor were the ones I ordered. All with mild pleasing scents (nothing to write home about though), but lather lather lather.

    Great stuff.
  7. I get my closest shaves with TOBS Avocado.
  8. I just started shaving and I have only tried TOBS avocado. I got the closest shave ever with that and my DE razor.

    I just switched from Mach/Fusion/Bull Shit like 2 months ago.

    I tried a lot of methods of how to get the best water/cream ratio. I have noticed that if you just swirl the brush on the cream itself, you will always get a great lather.
  9. Keep at the DE, only practice makes perfect. TOBS is great stuff, avocado is out of this world while Rose is simply incredible.
  10. It's a good way to ease into high quality English creams.
  11. I got several more of their scents and have yet to find one I don't like. I still haven't tried the rose or lavender, but that leaves things to look forward to.
  12. I have just recently been use TOBS rose, and every morning, I use less and less cream. I feel like with a drop about the size of a pea you could get two solid passes with their cream. It is amazing. Froth a little, then add some water, and froth more. Thick thick lather.
  13. Thats been my experience with Avocado, Rose and Eton College. The lather is incredible!
  14. Almond and St. James are regulars in my arsenal and have never disappointed.:thumbup:
  15. TOBS creams are that rare thing in life; really really good, and fairly priced.
  16. I love TOBS. I have only tried their lavender scent so far but I think I'm going to pick up some or their rose in the near future. Its a great product for a decent price.
  17. There one of the best shaving creams.

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