First Impressions: Parker 99R vs. Merkur 38C

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Shavesq, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen: This is my first post, largely because it's the first time I've had anything of interest to say. What I've learned during my approximately one month's lurking is that shaving and its implements are the fodder of passionate opinions and discussion and that elevating shaving from daily drudgery to a pleasurable experience is worthwhile.

    That said, other than my foray into straight-razor shaving some 40 years ago, I hadn't given much thought to the daily task of scraping the whiskers from my face. But, when I finally became incensed at the cost and poor results of Mach3/Fusion, etc., I decided to delve into DE shaving with the purchase of a Parker 99R (with Shark blades). Overall, I was very pleased with the results, but found it absolutely necessary to be cautious, lest my upper lip (filtrum) and chin sprout minor weepers. In short, I found the shave to somewhat aggressive, but the result made it well worthwhile and when I was very careful, I drew no blood.

    In my reading, I saw opinions that the Merkur 38C is a less aggressive shave, so I bought one, which arrived yesterday. I loaded it with the sample Merkur blade this morning and went through my normal routine. No nicks or weepers, no skin irritation, and a very good shave - BUT, not quite as close as with the Parker/Shark combination. I think that tomorrow, I'll switch the Merkur blade with a new Shark blade to see whether the shave is any different.

    In the meantime, I'd appreciate any comments or feedback by forum members. Many thanks.
  2. Hello, welcome to B&B. Unlike many others, I like Merkur blades, in fact just yesterday had another great shave using one in my 34C,the same as your 38C, just the shorter handle. But that does not mean they have to work for you, try the Shark, and if that doesn't suit you either, then the best would be to get a sampler pack.

    Enjoy the forum!
  3. I have the 23c (sometimes also sold as 180). It's my first DE but I like it so far. The merkur blade it came with was just awful IMO. It performs really well with a sharp blade.
  4. Thanks to you both (so far) for your comments. I'll continue to mix and match blades and razors until ... (probably, forever!)
  5. I recently started DE shaving as well at the beginning of February, and I use a 38C. For me personally, I find Astra blades to be a good pairing. But regardless of what blade you ultimately choose, it's a good razor, and I think it will serve you well. For me, I felt the learning cure was high. In other words, you learn something new every shave with the 38C and it doesn't take long to get very comfortable with it. Enjoy.
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    Try that 38C with a Gillette 7:00 Yellow.
  7. Follow-up report:
    As I stated I would do yesterday, today I switched to a Shark blade with the 38C. After 4 passes, I got a superb shave. There's still one section right under the jaw line on both sides that could use more attention, but I'll be more aware when I do it again tomorrow. I think that tomorrow I'll go back to the Parker 99R paired with a Bolzano blade to see what that combination produces. If anything, this experimentation makes the morning shave more interesting and less drudgery. Thanks again to all for your comments.
  8. It's taken me many razors and many blades to find the combos I like. Keep experimenting, you'll figure out what works best for you and your face.
  9. 38c is a very nice moderate razor. There are things that will shave closer, but it gets close enough without too much irritation
  10. The 38c was my first purchase after coming back to wetshaving. I still enjoy it, although not nearly as much since succumbing to open-comb mania. It pairs really well with Shark and Astra blades, and is pretty forgiving. The Parkers don't get much love around here (I also have a TTO 22R, which I do not like nearly as much), but apparently they've improved some significant quality-control issues from a few years ago.

    Welcome aboard! Have fun with your experiments.
  11. The 38c is a smooooooth, and beautiful razor. I found the Merkur barber poles to be some of the nicest looking razors out there. 38c shaves great, I haven't been using it lately just because I've been focusing my shaving attentions elsewhere... :001_rolle

    Smooth, comfortable razor, but its got enough balls to tackle some serious growth. No real downsides IMO.
  12. I also use a Parker 99R but I ditched the Shark Razors for the Feather Razors and get a great shave. You are right in that you have to be more careful with the Parker. I'm seriously considering a 38C (its in my Amazon cart right now) but am looking for a reason not to get it.
  13. Get it. . .Get it. . .Get it. . .
  14. I bought it for my birthday. Have to wait until Sunday to use it. My kids are gonna wrap it up.

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