first attempt at an epi

Discussion in 'The Mess Hall' started by jmwebster, May 16, 2012.

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    Just made my first attempt at an epi (I used Reinhardt's Pain de Campagne recipe).

    Overall, pretty happy with the way it turned out!
  2. I suppose that this would come under the heading of pain de fantasie.
  3. I guess I don't understand what an epi is. Is it just a bunch of tear apart rolls?
  4. Basically, you form a baguette and cut it using scissors. The end result is supposed to look like wheat stalk
  5. I'm no baker but I love proper bread, and that looks mighty fine.
  6. What would make that extra awesome is a little mozzarella and garlic butter in the middle of each section..

  7. That does sound awesome! I might have to try that
  8. that might be good after baking, but i during epi making the mozz would flow out during the bake probably...

    i have always wanted to make an epi, but after watching it done, i decided to keep the length natural, just because my wife loves tearing bread apart..
  9. I think if you were to take an oiled knife and make a slit in the top of each section and put in a slice of mozzarella and the garlic butter that way it should work quite well. I'd even be tempted to put a sun dried tomato in there too, I really should have a go at this
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