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  1. A thought came to me and I hadn't seen it in the threads on here....
    Has anyone else thought of buying those cheapo razors off E-bay like the Master, Krieger, Zepek etc: just to strip off the scales and use them for replacements for a quality blade with thrashed scales... Some of their scales don't look to bad especially the faux MOP and the Pakkawood ones. I was wondering if anyone else had already tried this... I know this would devalue the razor's collectible value but in my case I have razors to please only me, and I'll probably never sell one of my good shavers anyway:001_smile :001_smile Seems as though you could get some different looking scales for about the same price as plain jane black plastic Dovo replacements from :blush:

  2. it has occured to me - but i am still far away from restoring razors. doesn't it matter where the pin hole is located though? But I'm sure if you have several razors you'll find one that is good for these scales.
  3. Cost of Zeepk - $5
    Cost of some oak/ash and finishing nails - <$0.10

    I'll stick with making my own.
    For those of you without the right tools and skills, zeepk or other such donor razors may be more viable.

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  4. WHOA Nelly :scared: ................ I keep seeing those things for $5
  5. whoops, typo, edited.
  6. you can make scales that look, and fit better for less. The only thing is that you have to make them, which may not be an option for everyone. That said, i once did consider buying a bulk case of Master USA razors to use the scales. I then saw a master USA razor in a local shop and had a look at it. It had some kind of weird countersunk/flush pins. I would have destroyed it trying to unpin it. The razors were actually shorter too and didn't provide the clearance needed to fit even my shortest blade
  7. I put a Wapi blade in a set of Master scales. Besides the previous observations the pins (and holes) are larger. I did fill the divots and "bushed" the pins with epoxy. They turned out nice enough, but much more labor than expected. I would not deliberately go this way but I already had the Master doorstop
  8. I think the best route is to either buy some old vintage razor off Eboy where the razor is toast but the scales are in good shape or buy scales from classic shaving. The Dovo scales they sell aren't that expensive.
  9. there was a listing on ebay for 23 sets of brandnew unused scales froms Gens. don't know what it sold for, but it was at $15 with 4 hours left when i saw it
  10. Doc4

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    Oh man, I just seriously overpaid for a Zeepk! :w00t:
  11. any price is too high for zeepk
  12. So I was at Home Depot last night picking up breaking boards for a Belt test for some of my students tonight and what do I find?? Some nice Red Oak strips 2'x2"x1/4" that have great grain figure to them for a whole $1.18... Sooooo I am thinking, Friday on my day off, I'm going to give it a try, making some scales out of it.. I'll post some pics when I get my first set done :smile:
  13. 1/4" is a little on the thick side. if you have a table planer I'd consider bringing them down to about 1/8" depending on the grain and such.
  14. I was thinking it's easier to start thicker and take away then to start too thin...
    Never been real good at adding wood :c1: :c1: :c1:
  16. Does anybody have a wood stretcher they can sell me?
  17. Yup. And a bridge in Brooklyn.
  18. had to laugh--i work at home depot and actually had a guy come in looking for a stretcher for ceramic tile!!! guess he got to the wall and was about an inch short!!

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