Feathers aren't sharp enough?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by DanNatural, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. How come that when I used the feather blades that I still have stubble on my chin? Are there any blades that are sharper than feather? If so which ones?
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    none that i'm aware of. i'd suggest improving your technique. perhaps trying a XTG (across the grain) stroke. or a combination of WTG and XTG

    I doubt it's the blade.
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    Time to consider a straight razor
  4. Like everyone has said its technique. Flattening out your chin can also help. Have you seen mantic59's videos?
  5. +1 I recently did a "refresher course" of selected Mantic videos. Sharpens your skills ...
  6. I have that problem with any blade when my technique is off.
  7. All of these are good tips thanks!
  8. Welcome!

    If you ask a sincere question around here, you will get an answer. Or two. :lol:
  9. Sounds like a job for a Futur
  10. I have the same issue when it comes to my neck area. I tend to notice when I do an XTG motion on my second pass that it usually takes care of business. I urge you to use caution though since like with any stroke you can take off skin with the wrong angle, but I especially notice it with XTG passes.
  11. (...or thirty!:lol:)
  12. We are a hair-splitting amalgamation including some fascinating characters. :whistling:
  13. i dont find the feathers to be anything special imo. and its not the technique at least i dont think so because i can get a bbs shave with many other blades the feather though just refuses to cut certain areas on my neck. those same areas with a different blade like a si or gsb are smooth as can be normally. maybe you have to alter your technique for a feather? not sure i shave the same as i do with any other blade when i have used a feather so maybe its the way i use the feather? again not sure.
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    Me too.
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    Well said.
  16. Have you tried putting the Feather in a slant razor. That's livin' on the edge !
  17. don't blame the blade grasshopper - the sharpness of the blade is not the issue. work on your preparation/lather and technique. remember, shaving is removing the whiskers pass by pass. if you're not smooth after a single pass that is not unusual. after the second or third pass is when you will find shaving nirvana.

    the chin is a difficult area to shave due to its curves and cartridges will find the right angle for you, DE razors leave it up to you.
  18. Hey, thanks! :blushing:
  19. +1. You have to find the right blade that works for you. I have several different blades which work for me and Feather is not one of them, so, I know, technique is not the issue, but it's a problem with the blade. As far as modern blades go, Feather may be the sharpest, but it isn't the smoothest. They can't compete with the current blade I'm using which are Personna 74's, but these are no longer made. I'm on my 18th shave with a single blade and it hasn't dulled.

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