Favorite bass rig?

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  1. Lately I've started getting some smallmouth and an occasional largemouth. Just out of curiousity, what's your favorite lure (or bait) for getting bass?
  2. My favorite way to catch big bass has always been topwater lures just before sundown.

    Otherwise, I've always liked Rattle Traps or spinnerbaits. You can cover a lot of water, and the active fish will pound those 2 types.

    If it's the middle of the day, or after a front when they're less active, a plastic worm rigged Texas style, or a jig pitched into hiding holes can entice some to bite.

    I never have had much luck with lipped crankbaits or Carolina rigged plastics, but in the right conditions they should produce fish too.
  3. Live frogs rigged on weedless worm hooks and cast into the lilypads.
  4. I've always been partial to crankbaits of various types, primarily lipless shads. But a recent trip up north had me pulling more bass out of the water than I ever have before on a simple lindy rig with a minnow hooked through the lips.
  5. I love surface lures, particularly my torpedo. Always deadly at sundown.

    Al raz.
  6. I prefer a fly rod with either a deer hair or hard bodied bug. I'll also use streamers if they aren't hitting the surface.
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    Top water lures are the most fun. But for catching bass down here in Florida, plastic worms or lures work well. On a recent trip to Indiana I fished at a farm pond and pulled out many good size bass with a jig and twister as well as spinner baits.
  8. I like rooster tails
  9. Rebel pop-r in baby bass or a zoom brush hog in watermelon seed rigged texas style
  10. Caught this one Saturday on a chatterbox rig. As I pulled him in he jumped off and landed between my feet (I was in a kayak.)

    He was happy to get back in the water, but not so fast that he didn't try and give me one last tail slap to the face.

  11. My favorite bass rig is a classic all tube Ampeg SVT paired with a 410HLF. It's a great way to lure folks out to dance a jig, doin' twisters and spinners all night long. Works up a healthy appetite for some good fish eatin' too!
  12. 7in power worm in pumpkin seed.
  13. I love to take the old bass boat out on the water and it's most enjoyable working a 6" lizard T-rigged. When it's what they're biting, nothing's more enjoyable to me than working soft plastic baits T-rigged.

    ETA: A close 2nd would be a crankbait that goes 4-8' deep. If I ever had success with my topwaters, I'm sure I'd love that too. I really prefer shallow water. Never been a drop shot guy.

  14. When I saw "favorite bass rig," I thought you meant bass guitar. But I do love fishing!
  15. I tend to favor spinners and crankvaitd unless it's sundown or nightfishing. Then it's a 5/8 black jitterbug......which is deadly.
  16. Top water is certainly thrilling but feeling that bump on a rubber worm is also fun. It really varies by season for me. I catch really big bass in the colder months on jig & pigs.
  17. I like the way you think. I have a 1969 SVT
  18. War Eagle double willow spinnerbaits in 3/8 or 1/2. Or a nice 1/4 buzzbait. Occasionally break out the 8wt fly rod and through 1/0 poppers.
  19. I've only caught one on a plastic worm this year, which is making me crazy. Most of my luck has come from spinners and spoons.

    Last week I picked up a rattle-trap and a couple new plastic baits, maybe things will change this weekend.
  20. 3/8 oz jig flipped up into structure along the banks, black/blue or chartreuse depending on water color. Works all day long, especially when water levels are high. In the evening, I switch to my black/red/silver frog (I call it the Earnhardt) on lilly pads.

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