Fatboy "The Tank"

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  1. My first experience with the Fatboy, The Tank.
    I locked down the blade and did an experimental shake to see how secure it was, no sound, not even a slight rattle, the eerie silence was unnerving. The unnatural weight of it was very dominate when I held it to my face. A silent metal clad creation gleamed metallic from its head to handle. I pre set the dial to the recommended "3" and prayed that I didn't awaken some sort forgotten entity left over from the darkness before the light.

    It moved under it's own will, with little effort on my part. The shear weight of it was formable. It cut through any abnormality with no remorse. It was on a mission from hell.. :eek:

    My Feather Popular showed a sense of humanity, it was light and gave a reassuring rattle saying it was flawed and it was designed by a man who was flawed. When left to move under its own weight it was able to avoid the major abnormalities giving me a chance to think on if I want to go over that area a few more times or leave it be.

    The Fatboy gave no option, it demanded a uninterrupted course, it knew what must be done..

    At the end of the struggle it left a few cuts insuring the skin was smooth and leveled. And baby smooth with no razor burn. :w00t:

    I want to thank a member of this board for giving me this wonderful opportunity to own such well crafted piece of history :thumbup:
  2. Very nice, I'm currently looking for a fatboy so I can tell the tale as well. I have heard way to many good things to resist.
  3. Ooooh your write-up is really entertaining to read!!

    How is the fat boy though? I'm still considering buying one.

    More write-ups please!!! :smile:
  4. Sounds like a good shave to me.
  5. garyg

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    The Fat Boy, or 195 is the greatest DE. I started shaving with one circa the early 60's, and at present own only 7 of them. The designation "195" was the price back then, $1.95, today one went for over $115 on the Bay.

    Aside from its iconic standing, it works very well and, as pointed out by the original poster, it is a tank.
  6. Well done, Sir, well done! It's one of Gillette's greatest for a reason. :thumbup1:
  7. $115? What???!!!!!:eek:
  8. That's the exception. I bought 2 on ebay in the last couple of weeks. a '59 for $36.80 and a '61 for $35.00. Both are in excellent condition.

  9. garyg

    garyg Contributor

    Those are better prices, but there are still lots going higher, usually with case, blades, instructions. The $115 that I bid woefully low on had the blades & instructions still in plastic
  10. Nice poetic shave notes!
  11. Entertaining read!
  12. Nice post.

    I recently AD'd for both two excellent-condition adjustables: A Slim ($20 from a B&Ber) and a Fatboy ($31 on the Bay).

    I've tried them both. Hands down, I prefer the Fatboy. I agree with others that it's the heft and thickness of the handle that does it. It just 'feels' significant. Yet, it seems a lot less aggressive and more forgiving than the Slim, which gets persnickety about which blades it wanted to use, and is very irritating when it doesn't get what it wants.

    Jeff in Boston

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