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  1. Gents,
    today i got my first Gillette fatboy and would like to share it with you..
    i have a question as regards the numbr setting

    what is the recommended number setting for
    with the grain
    accross the grain

    against the grain.

    please advice

    thanking you all in advance.

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  2. few more pics

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  3. I rock #5 for it all.
  4. If you've used a Super Speed, 3 is about the equivalent.
    Before you use it, load a blade and check for an uneven blade gap, something that is very easy to fix. It may just be my eyes or the camera angle, but in every picture it looks like the guard bar is higher on the left side. ( check both sides)
    Anyway, that is a sweet looking razor!
  5. First time out start with a smaller number then every few strokes bump it up one till you hit the sweet spot for you.
  6. thanks for pointing that out... guard bar seems even when the razor is standing flat....

    Please advice

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  7. Great pics, keep bumping it up until you find its too aggressive... If you wish your fatboy had a 10 setting buy a new R41.
  8. Played with one last week for the first time, enjoyed cranking it up a bit for XTG/ATG passes after starting low, but then the blade angle is different so be careful. I have a thick beard so I liked the setting at 7 but I realized that 5 was comfortable and smooth. Enjoy your beautiful weapon!
  9. I don't see an uneven guard bar, so hard to tell from photos.

    Looks sharp.

    There is no rules or guidelines for different passes, that I am aware of. Trial and error dictates all.
  10. .....great looking Fat Boy.....

    ......i've been looking for one at a good price........

    .....where did you get yours?
  11. Amen.
  12. Last 5 pics

    showard got me worried about the guard bar. lol

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  13. There are no recommended number settings. The beauty of an adjustable is that the user can adjust the settings based on beard type, shaving style, choice of blade and direction of pass, all of which are variables that customize the razor to the user, and which must be determined by experimentation. The great thing about the adjustable vs. a non-adjustable is that once the ideal settings are found, the adjustable is capable of providing excellent shaves for both the toughest whiskers and the mildest baby face beard. When I got my Fat Boy, I decided to start on the mild settings and to then work my way up to the point where I got smooth, irritation free shaves from a 3-pass shave, keeping in mind with each pass that it's about beard "reduction" and not trying to cut off all the whiskers in a single pass. I eventually found the settings that are right for me, and I can now get consistently beautiful shaves every day. I'm confident that once you find the settings that are just right for you, you will love your Fat Boy! Good luck!
  14. thank you for your kind advice
  15. I have a Slim & FatBoy - both set at "3" all the time - 2 directions each time - cheeks down & across , neck/jawbone down & across - gillette 7 o'clock super platinums exclusively .

    But I didn't arrive at the above overnight - it took awhile experimenting - that's the process & the final result is individual !!

    The gold FatBoy you got looks fantastic by the way - good luck traveling the road !!!
  16. Sorry to get you worried, just stick a blade in it and look at the gap. It's really easy to judge if there's a blade installed. Again, sorry to worry you without cause, I wish I'd known to check for it before my first attempt at shaving with a Slim. But that also got me looking on here for how to repair it. Load a blade, inspect it, and enjoy that beautiful razor already!
  17. Used it today for first time.
    Yep blade sits firmly and evenly both sides
  18. Congratulations, gabiavaz! Good luck finding the perfect combination of prep, lather, blades, settings and shaving style that will give you the great shaving experiences that many of us have also discovered!
  19. very nice fat boy I put mine all the way to 9
  20. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Tell us what setting gave you the fantastic shave please!

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