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  1. Hi everyone,
    when I graduated from high school my parent got me a electric razor. To this day I can still shave with it. Now I'm having a hard time understanding how safety blades and straight razors that are solid metal loose their edge and become dull after getting in contact with skin.

    What are the blades in a electric razor made of and why do they last this long compared to manual razors?
  2. You are supposed to change the blades in the electric razor periodically..... all metal edges dull eventually, there is no miracle metal in your electric razor...
  3. No offense meant, but I think you have come to accept a dreadful shave as normal.
  4. Cool pics!
  5. You're supposed to replace the cutting parts every year or so on an electric.
    If you don't then, as said, you're just slowing getting used to a lousier and lousier shave.
  6. They should include those pics on every Braun sold...
  7. ^ This. If you like the electric now then try replacing its blades.
  8. wow thats the 1st time ive heard or read about replacing the blades in a electric razor. Ah well ill go to more knowledgable tonight hehe thanks guys
  9. This was what drove me to the sensor, years ago. I found that with my beard, I had to replace the cutting head in my Braun every six months. The sensor seemed cheaper, and at the time I knew nothing about traditional wet-shaving.
  10. Electrics work like electric scissors- the blades are in constant contact with the screen and rely on the interference fit between the blade and screen to be effective. E.g., take a pair of scissors, bend the blades slightly apart, and cut a sheet of cardboard. It will work, but the "cut" will be very rough. If you want to go all tech-geek, you can buy moly-lube, and coat your new shave head(s) and the inside of the screen with moly to reduce friction, and extend cutter life.

    Manufacturers realized sometime ago that they could make more money, simply selling a HOTNEWSHAVETECHNOLOGY!!!!​ razor, vs. the cutting heads(in quantity). no different than the safety razor evolution from user-maintained wedge blades, to user maintained "disposables", to fully disposable blades, to fully disposable razors.
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    Two things come to mind. They don't touch the face, so they don't need to be as sharp, and they don't erode from contact with skin and soap.

    I don't know what they're made of, but they could be made of higher grade materials. They're certainly a lot more expensive than disposable SE or DE blades. What mostly breaks is the grains of steel get loose by the stress of rubbing on your face or cutting the hair.

    Since the blade in an electric doesn't touch your face, they'll still work with some erosion. If you put an eroded blade on your skin, you'd easily get cut.

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