elcheepo shaving scuttle - $5.99

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  1. Found this at World Market:


    Tried it without filling the holes in the "soap holder", but all the lather went out the holes into the mug, no good. So I decided to plug the holes with a hot glue gun, after which it works great! The "soap holder" is a little small, but a little trimming and tamping solves that issue.

    Here is the process and result. I don't know how long the hot glue will hold up, but if it doesn't, I will remove the hot glue and replace it with epoxy.

    (and I had a couple of more pics, but didn't know there was a limit of 5 pics per post)

    $photo_2.JPG $photo_3.JPG $photo_4.JPG $photo_5.JPG
  2. The other two pics.

    $photo_6.JPG $photo_7.JPG
  3. Repurposed a tea-steeping mug... Interesting idea.

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