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  1. Hello,

    I have the following questions about the brand Dr. Harris, soap or cream? And Fragrances, someone could quote me that look?

    I appreciate the help already.
  2. I have the following questions about the brand Dr. Harris, soap or cream? And Fragrances, someone could quote me that look?

    Hi Hannibal, My favorite DR Harris cream is the Arlington, And my favorite two aftershaves are the Arlington AS lotion and the Arlington aftershave Milk, which is more like a balm. The scent of Arlington is wonderful but very difficult to describe.

  3. The folks at DR Harris were kind enough to send me some free fragrance samples when I asked them through e-mail.

    That may help you choose a scent.
  4. With D.R. Harris, I would go with the shave soap over the cream. Their soap is one of the best out there. In terms of scent, I prefer Arlington, Windsor, Marlborough.... in that order. I have not tried any others.

  5. sarimento1

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    Arlington is a great soap and aftershave. Refreshing and unique. All around, every day.

    I actually like the cream a little better than the soap, seems to have stronger fragrance and little more moisture.

    But try yourself and let us know how you like it!

  6. Niles

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    I love the soaps and own them in Arlington, Lavender and Windsor scents.
  7. DR Harris Arlington and Windsor soaps are top notch. You should try them out; I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  8. Hello friends,

    I appreciate the help, then the soap is the best option! What about fragrances, I'm trying to see if I can get the samples that Greyzer, recommended.

    I'm quite curious, on my list today have Dr. Harris, the Crabtree & Evelyn to solve. I like to aim accurate in my next targets of these two and I do not know anything. The last cream I bought was the Taylor of Old Bond Street - Jermyn Street, which I found perfect.
  9. djh

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    The guys have given you some great advice so far. I am only using DR Harris soaps this year- so far, I have finished pucks of Almond and Windsor and started a puck of Lavender this past week. They are excellent performers.

    Seeing as you are located in Brazil, I would recommend Arlington or Windsor as those are two scents very appropriate for the warmer weather. If you ask your Vendor for some samples, they may be able to help you to test the After Shaves and Colognes.

    Harris is, in my opinion, far superior to Crabtree and Evelyn.
  10. Harris soaps are perhaps the best performing hard soaps currently on the market. The creams are excellent too, especially their Rose cream.
  11. I love the Arlington scent - cant describe it well but fresh, clean and very masculine!
  12. bosseb

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    I must insist on mentioning the Marlborough soap. It might not be a first choice in Brazils warm weather but here in Sweden it is my favourite. I have all the DR Harris soaps and use them all.

    I have altered the Almond soap by grating it and adding 20 drops of Marlborough cologne. It didn't make a Marlborough soap as the basenotes are missing but it did put some scent into the Almond soap!
  13. Hello guys,

    I got in touch with Dr. Harris, and they sell samples, think through loss of time but will be buying the only way to access the fragrances ...

    Thank you for everyone's help, I'm between Marlborough, Arlington and Windsor.
  14. I used Marlborough this morning. It smells like wood. Very manly. :001_tongu
  15. I like the Arlington, but Windsor is by far my favorite. I use both the cologne and the shaving cream.

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