Do Chevron passes = against the Grain passes?

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  1. Hi,

    I saw my dermitoligist and he gave me an instruction sheet re: shaving It said, among other things, to shave with the grain. But it didn't say Only shave with the grain. i.e. no chevron passes.....

    He said going against the grain you may run the risk of getting ingrowns, razor bumps. and irratation. Some people can get away with it, others can't.

    If there's a Dermi in the forum, that could also answer my question, I'd appreciate it.

  2. I shave across the grain on my 2nd and 3rd passes (opposite directions) and against the grain on the last pass (very short strokes). By that time there has been enough reduction to allow me to get a comfortable shave with against the grain passes.
  3. Lately, I'm afraid to go against the grain along my cheeks, even though I'll do it for my second pass along my neck.

  4. Doug,

    Chevron passes are across the grain, but at an angle, like half of a V. So you might start at your ear and go diagonally toward your chin.

    If you're using a DE, you ought to eventually be able to go against the grain without causing razor bumps, as long as you do enough stubble-reducing passes across the grain.

    Ingrown hairs are more often a result of overly aggressive shaving with a multi-blade razor and they seem to be rare with a properly used DE or straight razor.

    Due respect to your dermitologist, but his shaving instructions are probably based on his experience with multi-blade razors. If he doesn't really understand what you're trying to do shaving-wise, his advice might not be correct.

    Good luck,
  5. Thats exactly what I was going to say. If he doesnt know how you shave, he can't really give you proper advice. Also, especially since it was just an instruction sheet, its definately aimed toward the average Mach3/Fusion/Quattro user. I think the best advice though is that if shaving aginst the grain gives you ingrown hairs, irritation etc, then dont do it. :biggrin:
  6. the chevron pass is definately more gentle yet does a real good job of getting the hair chopped at a good point, a good happy medium if you can't do an against the grain pass. your skin will change and you might later on down the road find that you can go against the grain. just do the best that you can and things will more than likely change down the road,.. for the better.
  7. I am a recovering Mach 3/Fusion user who made the switch to DE b/c of ingrown hairs.

    I had my 3rd DE shave last night and can tell you that my N-S passes do next-to-nothing to shorten my stubble. Upon closer inspection, I noticed my hairs are nearly parallel to my face (pointing downward), so I'm essentially combing the hairs down on the N-S pass.

    Enter the Chevron, East-West, and finally the S-N passes. Entirely new and rewarding experience. I tried to go from a N-S to a S-N on Monday (my maiden voyage) and failed pretty miserably. The key is the angled and side-to-side passes that produce the coveted popping noise. That's when you know you're setting up nicely for a smooth and comfortable S-N pass.

    If you feel pulling or tugging on the S-N, you haven't cleared enough on your prior passes.
  8. Hiya HD and welcome to B&B!:thumbup:

    I know you are still learning, (keep at it, it's worth it), trust me.

    When I mentioned cheverons, I meant this: "v"".

    Isn't that the deination of "cheveron passes" here at B&B?


  9. i guess i've always thought that chevron passes were between a true S-N pass and an across grain. so like back of jaw towards middle of cheek.
  10. A downward pass should cut even stubble that grows downward. Two thoughts: (a) trying using 100% glycerine as a pre-shave before the first (or every) pass---particularly the first pass. Pour about 1/2 tsp in the cupped palm of your hand, rub it over your wet beard, and then lather over it. And (b) experiment with blade angle and with the make of blade.

    Just a thought for your experimentation.

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