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  1. I was in Walmart the other day trying to pick a new anti-perspirant and I noticed that all of them seem to have really stupid names.

    Extreme, adrenaline, nitro sport extreme, super sportish nitro kick you in the face and smell like a frat boy's gym bag.

    and that's not including the old spice and axe line.

    I feel that as a mid-30's male, my demographic is no longer represented in men's care and these new products seem to be marketed towards the pimple faced 13 year old.

    no point really to this post, just had to rant at the lack of products marketed towards us older men, except maybe the new dove for men line.
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  2. I use Mitchum gel deodorant because I think it is the most effective one that washes off when I take a shower. I get worried about those that can't wash off.

    I have wondered if it was named after the old Hollywood tough guy Robert Mitchum.
  3. Axe's, Old Spices's, Right Guard's....etc etc found in the department stores in the US suck big time :mad3:

    none of these smell pleasant...they all are too strong...smells something like a pesticide :mad3:

    I am skimping on the couple of deo's (Adidas Game Spirit, Fa Sport and Fa Spicy Black) that I got from Europe/India several months ago.

    Waiting for my next trip to that parts of the world:001_rolle
  4. I believe that many of the deodorants for sale now actually caused me to heavily perspire as compared to no deodorant.
  5. JDV


    I'm using the (New) Old Spice "Fiji" currently. I just got two more tubes this AM. SWMBO has been able to get them free or close to it, so of course I'll use the heck out of them. Fiji reminds me of a Pina Colada, which isn't really a bad thing except I always want to whip up a drink when getting ready for work.:huh:
  6. You may be on to something. I also had issues with some of the newer deodorants that would wind up smelling rather offensively by the end of the day (the Right Guard line seemed especially bad for this). Since I shower every morning and work in an air conditioned office, I decided to forgo the stuff, and no issues since.
  7. All the new marketing is aimed at the younger crowd because most of us "older crowd" are already set in our ways.
  8. Us older ones still need deodorant and I agreethat most brands out there are geared to the x generation. I use Degree or Right Guard. I refuse to pay 8 bucks for that new super clinical deodrant.
  9. I used many of the stick deodorant's for years and I always felt the results were not all that great unless I used several swipes of it. I also found that over time they would tend to wind up staining or leaving a pattern outline on my shirts.

    Years ago, well over 20, I started using the crystal Tai deodorant sticks that I get at any health food store. These have solved any and all problems that a deodorant is used for. For all those years I've had no smell, the wetness is under control, and no stains what so ever. Best product I've ever used on the pits. :thumbup1:

    Oh yeah, no silly names either.
  10. i use old spice original scent stick or OS swagger, mennen speed stick original or musk, been meaning to try their irish spring deo. when i use a spray i go with right guard original scent.

    body wash: OS line.
  11. I was at Walmart and they didn't have Arrid Extra Dry (yellow can) in stock, just something called Arrid Extra Extra Dry (XX) in a blue can.

    Well, the Arrid "XX" certainly works on me, I'll give it that, but the scent! Holy cow, you can smell it out a foot from your underarm. This product is ruined by the strong scent.

    So, I go to Target last night, they don't have the yellow can, only the new "XX" lol.

    I usually use an antiperspirant one day, deodorant the next, now I can't seem to find the antiperspirant I use among the local stores I frequent.

    I think I might go with an unscented Mitchum for my antiperspirant.

    Need I mention? Both Target and Walmart are covered up with multiple bottles of Axe and Old Spice. You'd have to spend an hour going thru that stuff to have a clue.
  12. I really don't know how this will go over but, I always buy Secret, it's cheap and almost unscented (which I like). Of course, my wife uses it too.
  13. Ha! Trust me, I know. As you get older, you get more practical.

    On my "deodorant" day I'll sometimes wear Tussy. This is the so-called "New & Improved" Tussy. I don't know if it's male or female and I don't care, it smells pretty good (mild spice). It's classified as a deodorant now but it contains Aluminum Sulfate. It's a cream, and I thought it would get all over my shirts, but it doesn't. It actually works pretty well.

    Of course, not many teenage boys are going to want to buy something called "Tussy". Good, more in stock for me to buy. I can only find it at CVS in my area.
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    I use Old Spice Classic and Original scents and Speed Stick regular scent. These smell good and not like something kids would wear, in my opinion.
  15. I started using unscented Mitchum and then wearing a little cologne when i feel like it. I don't miss the fake clean smells and it seems to be a much better antiperspirant for me compared to the right guard types.
  16. I just went through the hell of searching for something tolerable between these, as my normal (Mitchum unscented) deodorant was missing from the local Target.

    After checking everything, I just went with the Mitchum "Sport." I'm not particularly old (22) but all of those Axe/Right Guard/Old Spice deodorants smell the same to me--which isn't a good thing.
  17. The names they give pitt juice are beyond funny. Do they think I'll buy it just because they slap an "exxxtreme" logo onto it? Beyond Stoopid.

    Now if you wanted a name that actually described the ability of the product to soak/stop sweat, something that would appeal to a REAL MAN (and not his wife/girlfriend/partner) you'd go with:





    Dry and Fly

    Pitt don't Stink


    and my personal favorite:

    Runny armpits no moar!
  18. thats a good one antiperspirant that makes you sweat , you a funny man.
  19. Deodorant and Antiperspirant are different things. but yes, something in that formulation made me sweat more than normal. And most of it ended up caking on my shirt even though I swipe it once or twice.
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  20. I hate any deoderant with a 'fragrance'! Unscented for me!

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